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    Very interesting indeed!
    I've sent five Emails to Mr.Ebbitt in the last 4 days, sharing with him the various news articles where they are basically bragging on how they plan on stealing his property out from under him. Hopefully he can stop it.

    Good on you Jim.
    Imagine if for gain, or whatever reason,
    our government's took away all the homes owned by
    foreigners, say in Florida, or here in London etc..!!

    Good point Grumpy and thanks for your continued input in this conversation.
    You made many good point, including this one


    I can see that it represents an Irish point of pride, despite the fact that no one stepped up to buy the cottage but Mr Ebbitt.

    How strange now, that no one did when they had the chance,
    after all they had up to some 50 odd years to do so, before Mr. Ebbit!!
    So why they so keen now, money, and what the cottage can bring them???

    Three months ago, as a member of the StQMC Facebook group, I noticed another member, Patrick McCormick, make remarks implying government confiscation of the property after I made a post regarding possibly talking to Mr. Ebbitt. That remark was the primary reason I started establishing a dialogue with Mr. Ebbitt, as I am very much opposed to government confiscation of privately owned property.

    Chester :newyear:

    I agree with you Jim,
    Mr. Ebbit purchased the property for whatever reasons,
    maybe hopefully to see it fully restored.
    It is his, and in no way should it be confiscated.

    It it a real shame that when he did visit to make plans,
    he was not even met by anyone and it is no wonder he was discouraged.
    I think the actions of the various groups namely the STQMC
    are just about putting the proverbial 'nail in the coffin'
    for him to want to work alongside them.
    The group also appear to be anti-anyone unless Irish,who are intervening
    as I notice they were quite hostile to members, including myself,
    with an attitude of 'what's it got to do with you?' attitude.
    Maybe that same attitude prevailed with you Jim,
    on your mentioning your meeting with the owner?

    It all seems to me, it is what the group wants to do,
    and not taking into consideration. Ebbit's views.
    Has anyone actually asked him what he would like to do with it,
    and how they can help in achieving this goal, that if indeed he has one?
    At the moment it appears everyone is telling him what THEY want!

    Thanks for this post Bob, and very interesting.
    As the owner ever said why he is 'dragging his feet' on this?
    He must have real good reason considering the pressure
    is is being put under.
    There is sill the point I mentioned in my earlier post,
    that they will not be able to rebuild the cottage
    in it's present location.
    Perhaps this is in the owner's mind?

    No, I didn't post it properly, Try it again, though, if your not on FaceBook, don't know if it will open.

    Chester :newyear:

    The link is OK from here, but as you say Jim you have to be a FB member.

    Oh well chaos and fragmentation amongst the ranks
    is not helpful to their cause.
    What's up with those guys?

    Sue and Jim,
    My take on the group is this:-
    I believe them to be at the point of being, possessive, obsessive
    and singularly minded, about making the saving of the cottage
    their own personal crusade!
    The way they treated you both relating to your meeting with the owner
    is consistent with the a pattern of events I've noticed over there.
    More than once the groups admin, have scoffed and scorned
    at any individual member who wants/tried to intervene,
    like sending letters to the owner, offer financial help etc.
    Many of those members have since left for whatever reason.

    The downside of their efforts is the fact, as stated,
    that the cottage cannot be rebuilt in it's original location
    due to the change in the flood plain of the river,
    and has to be built 'somewhere up the hill'.
    Does the owner of the cottage indeed own that land?
    If he doesn't no wonder he is reticent about spending
    any money on it's restoration!
    Moreover why should he spend any money
    restoring the cottage where it is,
    bearing in mind what I've already mentioned.

    The problem is, if the cottage is rebuilt anywhere but it's original location,
    it becomes just another replica, one of which they already have in Cong!
    There seems little point it being 'somewhere else'
    as it defeats the object.
    It would have more visitors if it was for example rebuilt in
    say Dublin or even Los Angeles.
    After all if it is a replica, it can be anywhere!!

    My wife and I have made an extensive attempt to rectify any misunderstanding that the StQMC Facebook group may have had regarding our message board. I thought things were going well. Then I mentioned to the leader of the group that we had dinner with the owner of the cottage, and that we would share more information soon, and somehow shortly after that, my FB membership to their group was discontinued and my FB message as to why that happened has gone unanswered. In addition, it appears I have been 'unfriended' by the leader of the group as well. However, I think the restoration of the cottage (and possible expansion of the surrounding area to include other attractions of interest to movie fans) is of the utmost importance, and I'm willing to rise above the pettiness to lend my support. I hope our members are also in favor of supporting the restoration effort.

    Chester :newyear:

    Sue and Jim,
    thanks for the update, and your efforts.
    How odd they should react like that?
    Whist of course I support any efforts regarding Duke's legacy,
    I did leave the group, which in light of what you said,
    probably pre-empted them discontinuing my membership!
    I find their attitude bewildering, to say the least!

    My Family and I were down in Anaheim, California last week to visit Disneyland. During our stay I contacted Gregory Ebbitt, present owner of the Cottage. My wife and I met him, and his wife, for dinner at a local restaurant. Over the course of the meal he gave us his account of owning, and trying to restore the White O' Morn Cottage. It's quite a long story, filled with many disappointments. When my wife and I get some time, we will attempt to put into words his story, and post it here.

    Chester :newyear:

    Thanks for the update Jim,
    although I might add IMO, I wonder why we help and support the very
    group that takes such a dim view of this message board!!

    Save the Quiet Man Cottage- Facebook Group

    Remember you must Log In to FB to view the page and join the group.

    This group is growing from strength to strength,
    and now as well over 3000 members.
    We at the JWMB are very active in the group,
    with many of our Irish related threads linked there.
    Many of our photographs in our threads have been
    obtained with the kind permissions of our Irish friends,
    and we are extremely grateful.
    The members of the group are now very aware of us here,
    and the joint co-operation can only bring good
    to the legacy of Duke, Maureen O'Hara, and indeed
    the one thing that links it all The Quiet Man

    Please join and be part of this worthy group.

    Here is an interesting message from
    Gary McEwan of 'Save The Quiet Man Cottage'

    I have been given permission by the photographer
    Patrick McCormick to post these rare photographs.

    As it was in 1951................................................With kind permission of Patrick McCormick

    As it is now........................................................With kind permission of Patrick McCormick