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    Wagon Driver,

    Glad you found this topic. Hope you will explore this board to see what we have here. We have so much here that it takes a little time to get around but it's worth it.

    When you get the chance go ahead and type in your interests. We'd like to get to know you better.

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    Very Good, Smokey!

    I am from Alabama, more like the greater Montgomery area (Prattville). The Fighting Kentuckian story took place in Demopolis, AL. in the central western part of the state, and The Green Berets was filmed in Fort Benning, Ga, just outside of Columbus, Ga. on the Georgia/Alabama border in the central part of the states.

    Call it the Deep South or Southeastern states which is what it is. The Deep South is considered more from an era far gone just after the civil rights movement since before the civil war. Southern heritage still considers this the deep south today. I am not talking about the slave days or the KKK. :huh:

    Let's not get into that issue, please. I do not support or endores these issues, nor do I know anything about the KKK in terms of their organization (or whatever you want to call it). :angry:

    Thanks for the heads up smokey, you remember me after all :lol:

    Cheers, Hondo B)

    Interesting poll!

    You figure where I'm from and I will tell you later.

    I am from the southeastern part of the U.S., but I could be considered from the deep south. I am from about 55 miles east of where The Fighting Kentuckian took place, and 80 miles west where The Green Berets was filmed. I will accept a major big city.

    Cheers, Hondo B)

    P.S. Chester, you can't tell either, you already know. :(