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    Hi Liliane.
    I am glad that Arthur and I got it right,
    Great Minds think alike!!!
    One of the reasons people in the UK think
    maybe French is spoken,because of the TV series, of Agatha Christies,Poirot.
    However, Arthur and I were not fooled!!
    Please join us on the Real Seniors thread, where
    the chat is less formal, and we need some new blood there,
    as smokey is giving me some stick.

    Best Wishes,

    Tell you what fellas,
    Now that we all know senta,
    it looks like she might put us all up
    at her place,so that we can all visit St.Petertsburg!!
    Only joking senta,but it does sound
    a wonderful city!!

    Best Wishes,

    Hi kilo 6,
    It's all a matter of choice,of individual members,
    but I can never understand, why new members,
    can't at least post there location!
    stumpy is correct about In Harms Way,
    being in Alberta,Canada.