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    I passed out one day from lower abdominal pain. I woke up in a screaming pain on a gurney in the hospital hallway. I was left twitching and jerking in front of the door that said "UltraSound." About an hour later the UltraSound specialist came back from lunch. I remember she was licking her fingers. She picked up my chart and read it and said okay let's see your gallblatter. She admonished me for not laying still on the gurney. I said I have no control over the twitching and jerking because of the pain. She did the UltraSound on my gallblatter and said it would have to be removed. I remember there was food stuck to her teeth as she faded away. I woke up in a hospital room weak as a drowned cat still in a screaming pain. But my life was saved and the gallblatter was gone. Later I had a talk with the surgeon, who didn't look old enough to vote. I told him there was no damn justification on this earth for leaving someone in that kind of pain. He'd obviously heard this point of view before. He smirked and shrugged and said in the most condescending tone that he had given me the minimum recommended dosage decreed by the Board of Health and that his conscience was clear. I told him if I slap his head through the wall my conscience would be clear because he had driven me insane by not sedating me adequately before, during and after surgery. I wanted to kill him, and would have if I had the strength.

    People who have no empathy for others should stay out of medicine.

    Anyhow ... call your church and tell them your situation. Perhaps they could send over some good member to look after your mom while you recover from the retina correction. I had the same thing done before cataract surgery. It's easy and painless. And the improvement in one's eyesight is truly astonishing.