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    Pappy: I know I had you two over to do a read through before we film, but you're going to have to re-read your part, Ward. Remember, your playing me! You have me sounding like a nasty, mean spirited person. You have to play me in a soft spoken, nice to kittens sort of way.

    Ward: Oh, I thought The Wings of Eagles was a true story. And now you want to make it a work of fiction?

    Duke: You have gone and did it, Ward! You might as well go into television now. You'll never work in movies again after that comment.

    Why am I not on here to vote? Tbone voted after me.

    The vote Poll above is for the last Quote game. I shut down the game every Sunday night and put a new one on. You added your quote for the last game after I shut it down and already made the Poll. You will be included in the next poll for this game put up Sunday night. I hope this helped you out. Thanks for playing. I hope you continue to enjoy the game.


    Hello Gang!

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