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    Ford and Bond speaking to each other at the same time: "Someone didn't get the memo about sunglasses and pipes today."

    Duke: "I get left out on everything."

    Ford:"That's because Bond is a better actor than you."

    LOL TBONE, good one. When the reviews for Salute.....Pappy, Duke, and Ward's first picture came out, Ward was projected at having a shot at a career in pictures.....Duke wasn't even mentioned. Just quoting here, LOL!

    Well, it that is a brace, it is something new to me TBONE. More like, with the pranks the three always played on each other, it is something Duke has in hiding ready to strike Ward over the head with, LOL.
    This is prep work for the Wings of Eagles when Ward plays a man, (Pappy) who is called instead of Ford...DODGE, LOL! Hope SOMEONE knows what that thing passing up Duke's sock is. KEITH

    Why am I not on here to vote? Tbone voted after me.

    Not sure about this Ernie, but if you look at the top, you will see that that is Game 339. We are NOW playing Game 340. Don't believe the voting for THIS game comes out until the other has a winner chosen. Hope this helps.

    to Ward- "Go ahead change the dialog, just don't expand you part."

    " When did you learn to read?" John Ford could be nasty sometimes or joking.

    by the way Hawkswill- I liked Ward and the whole Ford crew of actors. I enjoyed
    seeing them in movie after movie.
    TV producers and directors do the same thing today. They have a stock crew, they take from series to series.

    Like your caption Ernie! Didn't know about today......haven't seen a NEW movie in years....thanks for telling me. Pappy was almost always rude to Duke and Ward. Ward seems to be the only one that thought it was funny,,,,never bothered him. After all, they were best friends in just about everything they did. Duke would get his feelings hurt sometimes though, and there are times that the whole crew would stand up to Pappy for him, LOL......great stories! Keith So glad you joined us Ernie! KEITH

    OK Ward, you realize the long coat is to hide that ass' backside of yours, because mine isn't HALF that size! Right Duke? Oh sure, Right Coach!

    Thanks Mark for putting up a Ward one, LOL! Three of the best of friends on your Picture Game....very nice indeed!