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    You have my support Keith. Ringo ~ please play it cool otherwise this entire "Gallery" may be deleted and I've already put far too much hard work into it so far.

    You're a good man and I know you mean well, but at least try to look at it this way ~ Marty made me aware of a great website filled with original works that I will definately make use of in the future. I will give credit to the original artist and "Sterling Price" won't even be mentioned ~ mission still accomplished.

    Consider it done. ;-))

    [quote='MartyB2','']“I hate it when somehting seemingly has to be PC!!!!!!!!!”…” I get so damned tired of someone making a weak complaint…”My issue with it was that it was out of line and cowardly”...”If he did that on one of the sites I moderate on--he would be spending time in: The Cooler…”It SHOULD have been done PRIVATELY”…

    WOW!!!…that’s a lot of vitriol…..

    ""Tripe"' and the Hog's been boiled.

    PS, and dont drag Duke or Davy Crockett into this either. Im a big fan of both as well as being from the State where Crockett died fighting for us back then.

    Same here and I fully agree. If he did that on one of the sites I moderate on--he would be spending time in: The Cooler (Siberia) etc.

    Please read my two posts--I know they are after yours but--I did explain somehting I recently learned that will spare SP from anything negative as well as this site.

    I get so damned tired of someone making a weak complaint on something even though Sterling Price is not in any way, shape or form, trying to steal from anything copyrighted and also, if he chose to sell his stiff in frames? all he would have to do to avoid any legalities on copyrighted stuff--is sell it as frames with the art in the frames--not selling the art itself. ;-))

    Both valid points which I hadn't even considered before. The Net is abolutely flooded with tens of millions of random images such as this and most of which the original artist/contributor is not even cited. Had I known about Mr. Timmons's web site and the body of original work he's created, I would never have included my own "interpretation" and posted it on here and for that I do apologize.

    I will gladly remove this post and any other of my "restoration" posts that JWMB decides is not appropriate. Also, no "credit name" at all will appear on any future postings of mine

    This is a wonderful web site and I certainly don't want to "muck" it up. Thanks once again to both of you for the heads-up.

    SP< dont let one person ruin this for you as well as all of the rest of us. Also, please read my posting before this one--it will explain more. Also, I love your stuff shown--Carl.

    Why does someone always have to ruin it for everyone? I mean, SP isnt trying to make money off this even though he really could--copyright or no copyright and I can tell you how he could and NOT get sued for it. All he has to do if he wished--is to sell these in frames as framed art--selling the frames and NOT the art in said frames.

    And no-not for one second did I see anywhere where Sterling Price is claiming everything with in--to be ONLY his ideas and creations.

    Also, im NOT bashing someone--but I hate it when somehting seemingly has to be PC!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for asking Ringo but no, I can't sell them because I don't have copyright permission. Besides, selling any of these would take the "fun" out of it for me. Feel free to right click and "save picture as" and then print them out for yourself if you like. Just remember, these are all low resolution for the Web and your prints will have to remain relatively small.

    Thank you and, I did cut and paste them. These are fantastic to say the least.