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    Here's that Life Magazine article.

    This is the letters section from the next issue of Life, with a letter about Ben and another letter about Brando's stand-in.

    My friend Toby Roan who writes the great 50 Westerns from the '50s blog is working on a much-anticipated book, A Million Feet of Film, about One-Eyed Jacks. He also has a Tumblr page and a Facebook page about the movie and his book.


    There are a lot of changes between the script and the finished film. Ben Johnson's character, the villainous Bob Amory, is shot and presumably killed while robbing a bank, but in the script, Bob is merely wounded, and the townspeople gather and string him up by his boots. They actually filmed this scene -- you can see a picture of poor Ben Johnson hanging upside down in an article about the movie in Life magazine. The text says he hung there so long he nearly passed out.

    And now the photos in my One-Eyed Jacks collection.

    Er... I think this is just about the hottest photo ever of Ben. :)

    This is a new print I had made from a vintage press slide.

    Alas, this one I do not have as a physical photo. Toby found it on a French website. I would happily spend more than the usual amount I budget for purchasing photos to get this one. :)