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    I will go to our local Walmart and see if I can find any copies, since the supermarket doesn't have them. If they're not at the Walmart, then ebay will be your friend, Irish Duke. :)

    I got my (ebay) copy of the current American Cowboy with John Wayne on the cover. The story actually is Jimmy Carter's forward from John Wayne: The Genuine Article, with a selection of several wonderful pictures from the new book. Also, there is a capsule (positive) review of Scott Nollen's Three Bad Men, which should please Hawskwill. ;)

    Well... harumph! I checked two newsstands (supermarket and Barnes and Noble) and no American Cowboy and no TV Guide special edition. Not surprising about American Cowboy, it's usually not stocked on newsstands here in the Deep South y'all, but I would have thought the TV Guide special edition would have shown up, as TV Guide is carried everywhere. In fact, there are no copies of either on ebay right now either -- there were a couple of each but they were snapped up before I could get mine.

    However, HorseBooksetc. always carries American Cowboy so you can get the new issue with the John Wayne cover here:…e_in_the_USA-1470-41.html

    I'm hoping more copies of the TV Guide special edition will make their way to ebay or finally show up in the supermarket.