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    Hi Jim and Mike

    The one illustrated is the same as the one have. its interesting reading the various comments particularly about the singing. All in all though I think this is a very good CD.
    On a par with the Searchers How The West Was Won and Red River I would go for How The West Was Won Red River and The Searchers.

    If I were to expand two very good CD's that would stand with the other three are The films of Elmer Bernstein Volume 1 The Comancheros and True Grit, and Volume 2 The Shootist, Big Jake, Cahill United States Marshall.

    Having played Stagecoach and Fort Apache I wasn't particularly impressed with Stagecoach reasonably happy with Fort Apache. Perhaps I expected more.



    Hi Bob


    I have never seen either an exclusive Rio Bravo or Chisum Disc, but if you go into John Wayne's music there is a CD in existence called My Rifle My Pony and Me issued by Bear records and includes Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson singing My Rifle My Pony and Me and Dean Martin singing Rio Bravo.


    There is also by the same record company Rio Bravo which also includes My Rifle my Pony and Me by Dean Martin it also has four tracks by Frankie Avalon from the Alamo which are not very good and the Ballad of the War Wagon.

    I have the sound track from Chisum which unfortunately doesn't icnlude the William Conrad vocal.

    Like you I think it a pretty good piece of music.

    I have also a three disc set entitled Wild Wild West which isn't bad and contains How the West Was Won The Comanceros Ballad of the Alamo and Green Leaves of summer and Rio Bravo (Main theme) & True Grit. The main details of this
    GLD 25416 2001 IMC Music Ltd
    issued under liscence from Intermusic SA




    Breaking one of the rules over the use of the definitive works link but......

    I have just watched Fort Apache on BBC 2 and as I can't remember where the original Fort Apache thread was I cottoned on to this one. It struck me that the music is quite good and quite varied and includes Around her neck she wore a yelllow ribbon. There is obviously a CD on Rio Grande. I wonder if the sound track of Fort Apache is in being. Does anyone know?



    Hi Roland

    I wrote to Big Trail some years ago when Tim did an appreaciation of Tiomkins movie music.

    If you watch Rio Bravo his Settle Down or My Rifle My Pony and Me by Ricky Nelson and Dean Martin is Red River revisited, and if you follow closely the opening scene in which the only sound is the guitar playing, if you listen to the music you will find it is a melodic version of Marina Mine the theme music taken from the mid fifties picture Blowing Wild and normally sung by Frankie Laine.



    Hi Chester

    Elmer Bernstein also composed

    The Shootist,



    True Grit

    The Commancheros
    which I particularly like for its stirring start, nostalgic and even poignant middle section climbing to a rousing climax. I think at times the music seems to be fortelling the end of John Waynes career which I suppose is silly as the film was made in the 1960s, or perhaps it puts you in that mood, but I find it a very thought provoking and meloncholy piece.

    Cast A Giant Shadow another stirring sound track

    Non John Wayne pictures include

    The Great Escape

    The Scalphunters

    The Hallelujah Trail


    And for me also also a fantastic piece of music

    The Ten Commandments

    I sometimes wonder especially in view of the last piece if he wrote the music and they put the film to it rather than the other way around, because the two go together perfectly.

    Hi It's me again

    A couple I forgot to mention

    HATARI - Henry Mancini RCA Records BMG Music Spain 74321611222

    MY RIFLE MY PONY AND ME - Music and TV Soundtracks
    Bear Family Records
    My Rifle My Pony and Me - Dean Martin Ricky Nelson
    Ballad of the Alamo - Marty Robbins
    The Searchers - Sons of the Pioneers
    The Sons of Katie Elder -Johnny Cash
    Rio Bravo - Dean Martin
    North to Alask - Johnny Horton

    WILD WILD WEST - Great Western Film Themes 3CD's Boxed
    How The West Was Won (main theme)
    The Comancheros (main theme)
    Ballad of the Alamo (main theme)
    Green Leaves of summer (main theme)
    Tru Grit (main theme
    Rio Bravo (main theme)

    THE WILD BUNCH BEST OF THE WEST * (Highly Recomended if you are a western
    The CZECH Symphony Orchestra Silva Screen FilmCD 136
    Includes :-
    The Sons of Katie Elder - main theme
    Rio Lobo - main theme
    The Alamo - overture

    WAND'RIN' STAR - Bear family records
    Ricky Nelson & Walter Brennan - get along home Cindy
    Gene Pitney - The Man Who shot Liberty Valance
    Claude King - The Comancheros

    In my first post I mentioned the CD Rio Bravo
    I forgot to mention the music on it, it includes:-

    My Rifle my Pony and Me - Dean Martin (studio version)
    De Geullo - Nelson Riddle Orchestra
    Tennessee Babe - Frankie Avalon*
    Green Leaves of Summer - Frankie Avalon*
    Here's to the Ladies - Frankie Avalon
    The Ballad of the Alamo - Frankie Avalon*
    The Ballad of the War Wagon - Ed Ames

    * In the Frankie Avalon songs he sings them like he has a bus to catch and in the Ballad of the Alamo includes parts of the song that I think he made up himself, at least I've never heard them in any other of the ballads.


    We have had a list of the definitive list of John Waynes Books, which I for one and I think alot of other people found useful and informative.

    In another post the question was raised abouth the theme music for the Quiet Man.

    I got to thinking how many other Cd containing Theme music from John Wayne films are in existence.

    If I can start this topic off with the titles in my collection and if everyone else can fill in it migt also be useful.

    So here goes

    THE QUIET MAN - SFC 1501 The Dublin Screen Orchestra conducted by Kenneth

    AMERICA WHY I LOVE HER - Big John Records
    (Also on 33rp Long Playing Record)

    JOHN WAYNE - THE COMANCHEROS & TRUE GRIT - VCD 47236 The Utah Symphony Orchestra conducted by Elmer Bernstein

    The Utah Symphony Orchestra conducted by Elmer Bernstein

    THE SEARCHERS - Conducted by Max Steiner with The sons of the Pioneers
    Published by Warner Music FMA/MS 101 Manufactured by Screen
    Archives Entertainment.

    Bear Family Records PO BOX 1154 D-27727 HAMBERGEN GERMANY

    THE COWBOYS - Conducted by John Williams
    Varese Sarabande VSD 5540


    TRUE GRIT - Music from the classic films of John Wayne - Silver Screen FilmCD153
    The City of Prague Philharmonic

    THE UNDEFEATED - FSM Silver Age Classics Limited to 3000 copies

    EL DORADO/CUSTER OF THE WEST - Comanche 395/66.65

    RIO GRANDE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Conducted by Victor Young
    Varese Sarabande VSD-5378

    RED RIVER - Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Choir
    Marco Polo

    RIO LOBO - Ptrometheus Record Limited Edition of 3000

    In addition I have seen advertisments for-

    THE ALAMO on CD and Long playing Record
    McQ - Issued November 2003
    BRANNIGAN issued November 2003