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    Originally posted by itdo@Mar 18 2005, 10:43 AM
    I believe the one soundtrack released on CD is the Book Version. I haven't been able to find the different one. Anybody knows?

    I just purchased this soundtrack, and can't wait to get it. I've heard sound bites from it, and it appears to be a first-rate reporduction. I'll let you know more, after I get it...

    I think you may be confusing Red River with another of Hawk's movies, when you say legal action by Howard Hughes was taken. I just finished reading 'Shooting Star', and there are a couple of pages dedicated to this very topic. According to the book, what happened was Hawks started out directing 'The Outlaw', but left after a short time to work on another project. This put Hughes in a bind, and he finished directing the movie himself. However, one of the Hawk's scene that remained in the film was where Doc Holiday was trying to get Billy The Kid to draw, and starts shooting the ground, and nicking off the lobs of his ears. 6 years later, Hawks shot almost an identical scene at the end of 'Red River'. Hughes took him to court, and Hawks was ready to remove the scenes (seeing as it truly was a case of copyright infringement). Duke stepped in, and respectfully asked Hughes to let the scene remain intact. Hughes was good friends with Wayne, and his response was "Sure Duke, I was just waiting for you to ask". Duke went on to make 3 films for Hughes after this episode.

    And to be honest, the book did mention what film Hawks made that had to get altered (because of Hughes), but I can't remember the name.