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    Here are the compilations that I have collected on CD's.
    The Shootist/Big Jake/Cahill, US Marshall - Varese Sarabandie
    The Comancheros/True Grit - Varese Sarabandi
    True Grit - Music From The Classic Films of JW - Silva
    Dimitri Tiomkin - Unicorn-Kanchana
    Rio Bravo, Western and Other Movie & TV Themes- Bear Family
    My Rifle, My Pony and Me, Movie and TV Themes - Rajon

    Then I have dupe the following off of the LP's onto CD's.
    Circus World
    The Horse Soldiers
    El Dorado
    In Harms Way
    The Sons Of Katie Elder
    The Longest Day
    Island In The Sky

    That's just about it. I have seen the original CD, both above and from my earlier posting, and they have been for sale. Hope this helps.

    Hello, Arthur:
    I have the folowing on CD's:
    The Alamo - Varese Sarabande
    The Alamo - Coloumbia
    The Alamo - Mike Boldt
    The Barbarian and the Geisha - Intrada
    Big Jake - Varese Sarabande
    Brannigan - La La Land
    Cast A Giant Shadow - Varese Sarabande
    The Comancheros - FSM
    The Cowboys - Varese Sarabande
    El Dorado/Custer of the West - Comanche
    The Green Berets - FSM
    Hatari! - RCA
    The High and the Mighty - FLY Gema
    McQ - FSM
    The Quiet Man - Scannan
    Red River - Marco Polo
    Rio Gande - Varese Sarabande
    Rio Lobo - Prometheus
    The Searchers - Screen Archives Entertainment
    Stagecoach/Fort Apache - The Soundtrack Factory
    True Grit - Capitol (Original)
    True Grit - Tadlow Music (New)

    I have some others that I will send in the morning. Hope that this will wet you whistle.