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    Just last night, we watched The Magnificent Seven, and thought the music sounded "familiar" for some reason. The more we listened, we realized it sounded like music from The Sons of Katie Elder, and also we recognized the theme from the old Marlboro cigarette commercials (you know, the song for the Marlboro man), which I believe was later used in the Great Western commercials.

    Anyway, in checking on IMDb, we learned that Elmer Bernstein was credited with the original composition of music for that film - and as mentioned above, he did the music for The Sons of Katie Elder and also Big Jake.

    I didn't spend a long time checking out the music of Elmer Bernstein, but I suspect he has done many other movies and music which I would recognize.

    Chester :newyear:

    PS The Mrs. and I are also enjoying the resurrecting of old topics! :D


    That's a good question. I've wondered if the value of the older LPs has gone down with the availability and much better quality of CDs. Nowadays, if you can even find a turntable, or someone to repair one, you're fortunate.

    Any of you younger folks out there wondering what we're talking about? :D It's stuff from "back in the olden days."

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

    Mrs. Chester wants to know . . .

    Who does whistle for JW in that movie? Whoever it is does a great job! Reminiscent of my father whistling when I was a kid.

    I know that Marni Nixon does the singing for Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, for Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember and The King and I, and Natalie Wood in West Side Story. She was UNcredited in all those movies. I realize those singing roles were much larger than the whistling part in The High and the Mighty, but it would be an interesting piece of trivia to know.

    ( . . . some time passes . . . )

    OK, I checked IMDb, and will now answer my own question -

    Muzzy Marcellino dubbed the whistling for John Wayne! :rolleyes:

    So now we ALL know!

    Mrs. Chester

    Having recently had the privilege of being able to watch The High and the Mighty, I realized that a tune I have loved for years is from that movie. The theme music, which John whistles, is beautiful. Somebody posted, in another thread, that JW liked to whistle that tune when he flew, until there was some problem on a flight he was on; he didn't do it after that.

    Mrs. Chester :rolleyes:

    Mrs. Chester here, enjoying the "lazy" days of summer! Not so lazy, really, but when you home school your kids, summer is when you can call mornings your own. Come September, we will be knee deep in lessons by this time of day.

    But for now . . .

    I really like the music from The Sons of Katie Elder, and find the song near the end of The Alamo simply haunting. Music from The Searchers is very moving as well. It is interesting to me, the different emotions the music can evoke.

    Mrs. Chester