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    You guys are killing me! I can't find this collection anywhere near where I live. I had it on ebay and I posted my bid with one minute left and guess what, I was outbidded and didn't have enough time to post another bid and at that time that was the cheapest I have seen it!

    Sounds like you got "sniped" gt12pak.

    Just keep searching and you will find it. Have you looked over on Deep Discount? They should have it.


    Originally posted by Dexter Woodruff@Nov 9 2006, 12:01 AM
    Did anyone catch "Directed By John Ford" on AMC last night? It's the updated version of Bogdonavich's documentary on Ford & it has multiple vintage interviews with John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, Maureen O'Hara, Harry Carey, Jr., etc. Loads of clips & discussions on Ford. It was very interesting.


    I caught part of it. I wonder if it is out somewhere either as a "extra" on a DVD or a actual DVD title. I would like to add the to my collection.

    I just got my "The Searchers" movie poster in the mail yesterday, it was free except for postage and handling. All I will say is WOW. Even my wife and kids who usually could care less about the little memorbilia things said, "What a nice looking poster". Well, now I have to save my pennies as it will be rather expensive to frame this one, its allot bigger then I was expecting, but I think it will be worth it.

    Yes, you guys are correct on the restoration of "The Searchers". It is magnificent. And its looks even better on my new 50 inch Plasma TV that I got a month ago.

    You have a expensive Wal-Mart in your area. I saw both The Sacketts and Rough Riders for 13.98 regulare price at our Wal-Mart.

    Well, I just finished watching the PBS American Masters documentary and it was great. I am glad it was included on this box set and am very happy that I "sprung" for the whole set.

    I didn't get a chance to watch Stagecoasch because I wanted to watch the PBS special. As soon as I do I will let you know what it looks like compared to the original DVD that I have.

    Well :huh:

    Who purchased the new John Ford/John Wayne 10 disc DVD collection?

    I for one couldn't help myself. I just had to treat myself. The first movie I opened was the "Ultimate Edition of The Searchers". All I can say is wow!! If all you do is buy one DVD from that set, buy this one. There so many things to watch and read, its a great tribute to a great film.

    Just a few highlights, 2 disc are included, disc 2 has a couple tributes and info about the filming, disc 1 is the film itself that has been remastered, and its looks awesome. I had the DVD from a few years back and this one blows it away. Vista Vision was truly ahead of its time. Couple other things of note are the postcards which are still shots from the shooting with a couple behind the scenes shots as well. There is a complete reproduction of the comic book, "The Searchers", which was really nice to see since I had only saw it in pictures on the internet before.

    The next film I will be watching is the remastered version of "Stagecoach". That also has the PBS documentary which was aired early in May that I know a few of us have been trying to get our hands on. "Stagecoach" is also a 2 disc set which I haven't watched yet but if its like "The Searchers". I am not going to be disappointed.

    Like I stated above, if you only buy 1 movie from the collection, get the "Ultimate" edition. There are 2 versions but for us fanatics, you need the Ultimate.

    There are 6 other movies as well which include The Wings of Eagles, Fort Apache(another personal favorite), 3 Godfathers, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, They Were Expendable, and The Long Voyage Home. So I am sure I will have alot to soak in over the next couple weeks. Any questions about the set, let me know. From what I have looked at so far, you won't be disappointed

    Yup, D-Day and also my dad's B-Day. Get this not only was my dad born on June 6th, he was also born the same exact day. His B-Day is 6/6/44.

    I will pre-order the collection as well and give my copies of the older DVD versions to my dad. By the way, anybody remember the significance of June 6th??
    For me there is actually 2 reasons, but you will probably only get one.