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    The three films done in the late 1940s that were known as "The Ford- -Wayne Trilogy" where "Fort Apache," "She wore a Yellow Ribbon" and "Rio Grande" and were some of Duke's and John Ford's Greatest Horse Solder Films! :rolleyes:

    I know a little about these three Films as I was there at Monument Valley and Moab when they were being Filmed. In the Film "Yellow Ribbon" The Pony Express Rider at the first of the Film Making a "Apache Runing Mount" onto His Horse is a Very Young Chilibill :)

    Here is a Picture Tour of the Three Films and is made up of Film Clips from the Three Films. Just Keep Clicking Next to go to the next page and then on to the next Film. You can go to the Site Below. :D


    Chilibill :cowboy:

    Keith ask me to put the story about John Fords Death on this page. I had forgotten about this one on "Pals Of The Saddle John-Ford." :( This Story was told by Pat Stacy Duke's Sweetheart for the last 7 years of His life. :) You can go to


    Bill :cowboy: