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    I've loved this film since the first time I saw it when played on WTBS about 19 or so years ago. It's been on TCM twice recently and I watched it both times. Thanks for talking about it Keith ;-))

    GT, please do give Deep Discount a try. I never had any problems with any orders I placed with them. There are two things that irritate me though. One is that they do not accept Money Orders, the other is that they do not carry several titles that have been released on DvD that I want, such as: El Cid, and 55 Days At Peking. There are several other titles I want but can't remember the names off hand.


    Originally posted by WaynamoJim@Nov 14 2006, 08:25 PM
    TCM is showing the John Wayne/John Ford Cavalry Trilogy beginning in just a few minutes. First up is, Fort Apache, followed by She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and then, Rio Grande. I'm not sure but, I think this might be the first time in a long while that all three have been shown back to back to back.

    Oops, check that. Immediately after Rio Grande, The Horse Soldiers will be shown. So make that the Wayne/Ford Cavalry Quadrology(if there's such a word).


    Saw most of it before I tired and had to go to bed. :rolleyes::) As always, these movies were nice to watch.

    Hi Waynamo, yup, I know at least Fort Apache and Three Godfathers and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon; will be available seperately. Go to: Deep Discount DvD. and type in the movies name in the search box. I did and that's how I founds out Ft. Apache was going to be released on June 6.

    Best regards--C.

    PS, looking forward to also buying Sergeant Rutledge. I think that Jeffrey Hunter & Woody Strode were in their best; in this movie.