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    TCM is showing the John Wayne/John Ford Cavalry Trilogy beginning in just a few minutes. First up is, Fort Apache, followed by She Wore A Yellow Ribbon and then, Rio Grande. I'm not sure but, I think this might be the first time in a long while that all three have been shown back to back to back.

    Oops, check that. Immediately after Rio Grande, The Horse Soldiers will be shown. So make that the Wayne/Ford Cavalry Quadrology(if there's such a word).

    Thanks to both Colorado Bob and SXViper for the info on Wal-Mart. I didn't check there and the $13.98 price Viper saw is more like it. Best Buy was selling The Rough Riders for $16.99, which means that The Sacketts would sell for the same if they had it.

    I went to my local Best Buy today and they only had the John Ford Collection and it was going for $48.99. They didn't have the Ford-Wayne collection. In fact, they only had The Searchers separately in the two disc version that came out today and an Ultimate Collectors Edition with all the extras that SXViper said. And they had the new Stagecoach version. Both sold for $19.99 except for the Ultimate Searchers, it was more but, I didn't see how much. But, the didn't have Fort Apache or 3 Godfathers or any of the others. Not important enough to order, I guess. It's the same thing last week. I went up there to see if they had The Rough Riders and The Sacketts and they only had The Rough Riders. Even Circuit City didn't have any of the ones I mentioned. Yet they'll put out a hundred copies of some two bit crap movie that could never hold a candle to the Wayne flicks.

    I saw this on Amazon yesterday. On June 6th, a collection of John Ford and John Wayne films will be available. There will be 8 titles.
    The Searchers-The Ultimate Edition
    Stagecoach-2 Disc Special Edition
    Fort Apache
    Long Voyage Home
    Wings Of Eagles
    She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
    They Were Expendable
    3 Godfathers

    I don't know if they will be available separately or not. I think all but three have been available already. Those three are, Fort Apache, Wings Of Eagles and, 3 Godfathers. Though the last one was on sale at Target stores a couple of months back but this time will be widely available.
    Also, there will be a John Ford Collection out on the same date that will have,
    The Informer
    The Lost Patrol
    Mary Of Scotland
    Cheyenne Autumn
    Sergeant Rutledge.
    Personally, I want Cheyenne Autumn, Sergeant Rutledge from the second collection and Fort Apache and 3 Godfathers from the first one. At least as a first choice.