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    I just finished re-watching The Big Trail. I find it highly entertaining, considering the age of the film it is rather good quality although the sound is sometimes funny. Some of the scenes are magnificent, like when they go down that cliff. Some of the actors do some over-acting like talking too loud but that was often done in the earlier talkies so I'm not complaining. The baddy Red played by Tyrone Power Sr was made unrecognisable. Made you think he desperately needed a bath :wink_smile:

    I have seen this film a few times now and find it very good.The noise that someone said in an earlier post (can't remember who that was now)doesn't seem to be on my version.This dvd is propably made specially for the Flemish speaking part of Belgium and for Holland as it starts straight with the dutch subtitles.There's no option to get rid of the subtitles either.

    And what a handsome young man Duke was back then... :wub: