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    Hi Chance, sorry ive not been around much, work schedule has been changed, I'm working closing hours followed by opening hours. They are finally getting around to hopefully getting more normal with the next cycle. I will be posting your stuff on Histomil and wherever else I can hopefully by next week.

    It'll be at least 2 more weeks before my friend can let me have the two kittens. Lisa went on a week cruise to Cozumal (SP?) and then came back with a fever. The 2nd kitten isn't weaned yet so-hopefully be early nov ill have both-and I can hardly wait. I miss having a furry critter around the place-just too quiet and my neighbors want to meet them as well. Ive already prepared for both-food, litter and box, toys etc.

    That's some really good art. Sorry ive not been around due to work, and now I'm down with Flu. Its hit me hard and I'm fighting it. When I get over it more-hopefully by the weekend, ill be posting all your art on the histomil site and will ask the big ape-if he will allow me to post it on the smith and Wesson site.

    I'm also about to take custody of two kittens since my cat Shasta died due to vets neglect. Its been near 3 months now-and the home and heart has been very empty.

    Chance, nothing I know how to try works but, I sent you an email if that works? with my email addy. Send them to me as just a regular photo as I have no clue how to get it as a file or a download0--and cane copy or paste those to the other site.

    Just post there and the interested will inquire. When I can get to where I can access the site? I can try to post a few of your images if possible and test the waters a bit?

    Looks pretty doggone good to me and if interested in selling the stuff as prints, I know a site you can make the $$$$$ off of, and im a member there as well-same user name. Its the lotsa people there interested in this kind of stuff including the ringo kid himself.