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    Interesting on re-reading "Tis Herself" that Maureen missed out on Friendly Persuasion because of Ford and The King & I because Rodgers & Hammerstein didn't want her. Would have been two interesting roles to see her in those movies.

    Great movies without Ford post 1939 I would say 4- 6 titles stand out. That said, he made a lot of entertaining movies post 1939 which is why John Wayne still has such a great following with fans compared to other actors who were much better skilled actors than Wayne but who since their demise have largely become forgotten except to movie buffs.

    As a director Ford has to be admired for his his talent. However, as a person I don't know how anyone even wanted to be in his company. Duke has to be admired for the loyalty that he gave to Ford long after he became the major talent in their partnership and Ford's continued career as a director was totally dependant on having John Wayne in his movies.

    In regard to Maureen she is more than justified to be angry and like Ben Johnston I think she was right to walk away from Ford and not work for him again.

    Reading her book her views on Ford are very conflicting. She praises him as director and in the beginning certainly looked upon him in a favourable manner but there is a definite change in their relationship. The way Ford could heap personal abuse on people and be very vindictive and try to wreck their careers seems to have come to the fore with his relationship with Maureen. The attached link would seem to sum up their differences.…ara-and-john-ford-a333067

    I remember reading Maureen's book when it came out. Good entertaining read but there is elements of sour grapes toward the second half of the book at not getting recognition or an Oscar. Duke comes out well but Ford is a complicated character as we all already know.