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    Maureen's book should not be restricted only to English readers. I thought that a translation, even approximate, might help readers in French ...
    The number of readers of this excellent book will be more important and our heroine becomes better known.
    (Of course, if this is a problem, I will remove the link immediately)
    Happy reading.

    'Tis Herself en French

    PS. I forgot, all the spelling errors were not corrected .....

    Personally, I trust him. Are there any reasons to lie to an advanced age?
    The article by Larry Putt, which seems to me he did not know John or Maureen Ford, took principalememnt sources on the book by Maureen.
    John Ford liked to torture his actors (Maureen, Duke ...) so they give the best of themselves ...?
    I agree with Jay

    Well me, after months and months of delay, I would give my opinion on the book by Maureen.

    I liked the whole book and I trusted him completely on the content of his remarks.

    As she says, she wrote these memories to prevent that other "authors" interpret in their own way the busy life of Maureen.

    Excited about this book, I made a French translation (pdf). If people are interested they can contact me.

    Sincerely, Romy

    Please excuse my bad English