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  • Pineapple Angel -

    It is with deep, deep mourning that I am informed that my beautiful half-sister, Amanda, died this morning.
    Please pray for my family, especially my dad who just lost his father too. I am in total shock. I didn't know her too well, we were estranged, but still, she was my [B]sister[/B].

    She was 28 years old.

  • Pineapple Angel -

    Just was informed that my grandfather died this morning. Terrible shock. This week is Spring Break for me and we had an extensive vacation planned for later this week, but I'm afraid that that will now be replaced with a funeral, how sad.

    RIP pap-pap

  • BILL OF PA -

    As you go through life alot of good people will some how be part of your life. Enjoy your time with them a keep the memorys.

  • Pineapple Angel -

    Just learned that one of my most favorite teachers at school will be having her last day tomorrow. She is just about the sweetest woman I have ever met. She is my coach for Robotics Team/Club at my school and is an amazing woman. She is leaving urgently due to medical issues- which have been plaguing her for a while now. She hasn't told us much, however I do know it is brain related and she has had several MRIs because of it. It must be very serious for her to leave so suddenly as she LOVES her job and the kids at school- and we all love her! So scared for her. Praying hard- and would love it if any of you would pray for her as well.
    ALSO my math teacher is fighting Breast Cancer (and has been for a while) so again- prayers would be MORE than welcome.
    It's so overwhelming with two such wonderful ladies probably fighting for their lives. I hope they both recover soon.

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