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  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=blue]i have been trying to send an update about my mom [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]i can not find anything and i get errors when i try to post or send emails or messages and when i try to go to my settings????[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]it has been a really bad day ny pc montor went out and now everything is messed up.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]i always stay loged in and when i go to send a private message or email i get errors.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]then my postoffice says i have to move my mail box in 10 days to a spot close to the [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]road and my dad put it in with cemente. it is move like a monday.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=blue]anyway my brother and i are taking my folks to lincoln,ks to burry them they both cremated.[/COLOR]

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]if i forgot to tell you all my mom feel in dec13 2012 and had surg went to nursing home12-18-12 but the sug did not help so had to go back last friday 1-18-13[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]my mom sugrs is at 10:00 AM Tomorrow tues 1-22-13[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red] will let you know[/COLOR][/COLOR]

  • Stumpy -

    Thank you so much for your message of sympathy, both here and on the condolence page at Alexander Funeral Home. It is the support of folks like you that enable me to keep going in this time of great personal sorrow. You were certainly right when you said she was my best friend. I'll keep her in my heart always.
    Jim (Stumpy)

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=Navy]i have not been on for sometime
    i have been sick again and
    my mom has been sick also.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Navy]hope to get on line sometime soon. i think about you all alot. i am saving up for a new pc to be built for me cause i do not have enough[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Navy]virtal memory to do much on this one. hope to have enough before summer is over to have it built i am still debating about keeping my xp or upgrading to 7. but i did see something about 8 coming out soon and all you had to do was upgrade the xp to 8. where the 7 is not an upgrade.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Navy]tell everyone hi and i miss them also. i just got done watching john wayne in true grit. and comancheros is on later. so i will watch that one also.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Navy]from jmb[/COLOR]

  • arthurarnell -

    Hi Mike

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy christmas and a prosperous New Year

    Best Regards


  • lindaj48 -

    hondo was a good movie

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=darkslateblue]that was a great movie i can watch it over and over[/COLOR]

  • arthurarnell -

    Hi Mike

    Just to wish you and yours a very merry christmas and a happy 2009



  • Moonshine_Sally -

    Hi Hondo, Thanks for adding me as a friend!

  • ladybug -

    Hi there Hondo! Thanks for the Friend add!!! Hope to be friends for a very long time. I'll see you on the board.


  • SXViper -

    Hey Hondo, I updated my email so if you want to contact me about upgrading some equipment send me a note. I will be heading back to my home town tomorrow for my wife's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary. So if I don't respond right away don't be alramed.

  • CHANCE -

    Hi Hondo it's great to be Buddy of yours.

  • Jay J. Foraker -

    Hondo - I am glad to add you to my "friends" list. It's good knowing you, buddy.

  • Senta -

    Hi Hondo,
    I'm glad to be your friend. Thank you for the request. I think this new format promises a lot of fun.

  • chester7777 -

    Hondo, it says you haven't made any friends yet. Of course, that's because we have a new format. I think I have a friend request in for you. Please accept. We wanna be your friend.

    Jim and Sue

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