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  • itdo -

    Hi Chester, Hope all is well with you! I've been trying to contact Arthur Arnell several times and I'm turning to you to ask if you'd know if he's OK - he doesn't seem to read my messages. If you can, I'd much appreciate it if you could contact him thru some other channel just to check if he's around and well.

  • CHANCE -

    Hi Chester is there any chance bumping my trading post thread forward i've been trying to do it myself by replying to the post but nothing is happening.

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]if i forgot to tell you all my mom feel in dec13 2012 and had surg went to nursing home12-18-12 but the sug did not help so had to go back last friday 1-18-13[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]my mom sugrs is at 10:00 AM Tomorrow tues 1-22-13[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red] will let you know[/COLOR][/COLOR]

  • Hawkswill -

    The completion of the last message:]
    From the few posts I have seen, looks as if someone on your end is handling that. I also had several "feelers" out to PR look a bit promising. I have since quit even trying to promote on FB because of this. Someone just please tell me what I did, if anything to cause this. I don't think I am asking too much as I have given it a great deal of my time. Thanks Keith

  • Hawkswill -

    To Jim or Sue,
    Firstly Sue, hope your Mother is much better.
    Secondly, why are people, moderators, Colorado Bob, etc. not answering me" I have asked, and they won't even answer that? I have not even seen any posts from Colorado Bob......are they being blocked from me since he was supposed to be my contact for White O Morn, USA? I would rather it be that than for him to be ill. I don't understand. I have done a lot, as much as can be with no communication from anyone, for WOMUSA. I could have done a lot better with a little cooperation. As I have said before, if you don't want me with you on this, that is your decision; but I believe I am owed an explanation for it rather than a total cutoff of communication. I have talked to one lawyer, my own, and had two other appointments which I canceled because I have no idea what to tell them now. Too long, will finish it next message.

  • Hawkswill -

    I see nominations and awards under folks' names, (like yours). Where do you go to find and read those posts? Was it worth it to go see The Searchers on the big screen? I would like to see Hondo in Three D although it was more for cinematography than the older 3 Ds. Guess I should check out our movie theatres around and keep an eye out for JD's and Ward's. Can't afford the High Dollar ones, but there are probably some inexpensive matinee types, and since I work for myself, I can go whenever I want.
    Oh, let me know when I can call and learn the U TUBE. I posted exactly as I thought you wrote, but I only got a light white square. Ethan fixed it for me when I put up "Festus" singing in Germany when he was seventy years old. Did yall see it? I never got any comments on it....surprised at that. Maybe everyone had already seen it, although I did a search on the Board, and I didn't see it. HOT here......have to get a small, power friendly AC unit for my room! Have fun, KPKEITH

  • LesJ -

    Hi, not sure what to do here so I will just hi to everyone and play it by ear.

  • Stumpy -

    BTW, Sue, I got Jim's age wrong in my reply to your PM today. I thought he had been born in 1946, which would make him 8 years younger than I am (I was born 5 Jan 1938). For some reason, I said he was 66, which would make him only 6 years younger. Oh well, math never was one of my stronger subjects.

  • lindaj48 -

    i do not understand when i come in it shows unapprove vistor message and i can not find it. when i click on it. it has showed this for sometime. my mom is feeling better, my brother is building her an appartment out of his garage. so she is over there now. but is still take her to the doctor and shopping as he workes days. i have been busy making me flower beds.

  • Gorch -

    Chester, I've noticed that "Stumpy" hasn't posted anything lately. Does anyone know if he's in good health? I miss his political comments.
    Bill O'Hara aka Gorch

  • Cindyrella -

    Hi Jim,

    Hey, I just posted a new thread and it is not coming up under new posts and I really wanted everyone to see it because I need as many prayers for this child as possible. I put it under off topic discussions. I have told Sue about little Savannah.

  • chester7777 -

    On this messageboard, it's like Christmas year round.

  • ethanedwards -

    Jim, Good morning sir,
    Why do you still have a Christmas tree on your signature? lol

  • briandownes -

    Dear Chester: Thanks so much for your outstanding coverage of next May's John Wayne Birthday Celebration. It means so much to all of us at the Birthplace. We're all for John Wayne all the time. Wishing you and Duke's fans everywhere a very Happy New Year!
    Brian Downes

  • luckynedpepper -

    Chester and Mrs,
    wishing you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year


  • arthurarnell -

    Hi Jim and Sue
    Wishing you and all of your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

    Best Regards


  • Elly -

    Happy Birthday to you xxxxxxx

  • BILL OF PA -

    hello! jim iam comming back for good.sorry ive been away.its late i will post tomorrow.take care.

  • William T Brooks -

    [COLOR=blue][B][I]I Am Sorry That My P.M.s Are Being Looked At TOOO !![/I][/B][/COLOR]

  • William T Brooks -

    [B][I][COLOR=blue]My new Site is Up And Running, it is Small But I am Getting Hits Already and will Grow.[/COLOR][/I][/B]

  • William T Brooks -

    [B][I]It looks like I have Out Lived my 5 Year Stay on this Web-Site, and it has been a Very Good 5 Years, until The English Man Took Over the Site ![/I][/B]
    [B][I]Bueno Por Amigo[/I][/B]

  • William T Brooks -

    Chester it looks like I have been Blocked from making a Post, does that mean I have been Kicked off This Web-Site ?

  • Man Of Voices -

    Hi Chester. I came across this commercial on youtube and thought you would appreciate it. It is a beer commercial, and with some computer magic, the Duke talks with Gunny. You most likely have seen it I think it was a national TV spot.[URL][/URL]

  • CountryGirl01 -

    Thanks I enjoyed it ;)

  • Cindyrella -

    Hello again Jim,

    I am back in Texas and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to change that on my profile.

    I would love the wooden display thingy. :)


  • Cindyrella -

    I looked again at the albums and if the ones you have left are any of those I WANT THEM! :)


  • oliver13 -

    Chester thank you very much I guess I didn't read the post listing. Sorry about that. Thanks again.

  • Kcat -

    Thanks, Jim! I appreciate your vast knowledge of such things, along with your kindness.



  • lindaj48 -

    my dad is doing alot better we have been having alot of bad storm here in ks at nights.

  • John Wayne Impersonator -

    I had the time of my life at the John Wayne birthplace with my good friend Jim........Jeff John Wayne Impersonator.

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