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  • jeepguyskk -

    I apologize for replying to an old thread like this however I have recently came across five tintypes that I can verify are from John Wesley Hardin sister. They are identical to John Wesley Hardin photos I found online and I believe I have three ten types of John Wesley Hardin at around age 12 17 and in his twenties as well as his mother and father. I track down genealogy to the person that donated to the thrift store who died two months ago who would be John Wesley hardin's great great great great nephew I believe his mother was Ruby Asburry. her mother was Berdie Ola Smith and her mother was Martha ann Hardin Smith. And we all know her mothe to be Mary Elizbaeth Dixon. So I have 1 tintype of Mary one of James Gip Hardin and 3 of John Wesley Hardin. 5 in total. They were all found at a thrift store in Cleburne Texas and a quick Google search of Cleburne will review the connection of the Hardin family as well as others like Sam Bass. I am looking for a buyer for these tintypes maybe a collector or a museum and I'm willing to do so without auction nonsense.

    • ethanedwards -

      Thanks for your fascinating message. Any chance you can post any of the pictures to the John Wesley Hardin thread??

  • Kevin -

    Meet me in staff chat room, if you have a moment

  • pawpaw -

    Well, got a question about a possible JW movie. I seem to recall watching one , and at the end of the film, The Duke and ( I think ) an Indian boy go into a restaurant. The owner won't serve the Indian , and a fight breaks out. In the end , Duke is on the floor, out cold, and the owner takes a sign off the wall, and drops it on JWs chest. Anyone know the name of that movie ? It's been driving me nuts , cause I can't remember it !

  • gettingold80 -

    Hello Ethan,

    Taking some time this weekend to find a few *supposedly* lost or very rare movies.

    In this case, I am asking you about "Woman of All Nations" 1931.
    Supposedly, Duke was in the original film, but his one scene was deleted as part of the final cut....

    Is he IN or OUT?

    What is your knowledge on this sir?

    Thanks very much for your response!


  • BILL OF PA -

    Please move my thread Best Gunfight from vidoes
    to Off topic.

  • lindaj48 -

    i never can find the posting for someone who passedaway
    i click the link in the email but i never get the new post

  • Kcat -

    Hi! Hope you're well. I've been in the midst of discovering that I may be related to The Duke through his grandmother, Weltha Chase Parsons. Not sure yet, but working on finding out. My last name is Chase, and that is the connection. Read your article on Duke's grandparents. Just wondering if you have any thoughts on what to do or where to look to try and see if we are related for sure? Thanks bunches, and hope your new year is going great.

  • The Irish Duke -

    I should have told you earlier but my name is Gareth not robbie, you are a gret mod

  • Paula -

    Hi, I just posted info about the upcoming Olive Films DVD/Blu-ray of Angel and the Badman, but the Olive Films thread I posted in is not showing up under the "What's New" tab when I click on it.

    Also, the search engine for this new format needs refining. I searched for Olive Films and it kept coming up as "no results." I was only able to find it when I did a search on yahoo for " olive films." (I can never find anything by looking through the forum map.)

    I'm sure people would like to know the news about Angel and the Badman so if you can figure out how to get the Olive Films thread to show up under "What's New" that would be great. Thanks!

    -- Paula

  • tjslawman -

    [B]Thanks...I will....TJ The Lawman : cowboy:[/B]

  • tjslawman -

    [B]Yo ! Ethan...The Lawman here..lookin for a documentary made on Ben Johnson around 1995/96..called : Ben Johnson..Third Cowboy on the Left..have tried everything..including a call/letter to the director now working for public television in Knoxville Tenn.(No answer yet)..Maybe somebody here might know how to obtain this film...Thanks..enjoy the Forum very much..TJ "The Lawman" :cowboy:[/B]

  • °°Flaca°° -

    Hi Keith,
    my greetings for the Western Legends' section.
    All the best,

  • Wil Andersen -

    I'm Will Andersen here..
    I'm 47 yo ,living in Italy and i am an huge Duke's fan..
    If you want to add me my msn is [EMAIL="[email protected],com"][email protected],com[/EMAIL]
    Many thanks

  • itdo -

    Hi Keith
    Thanks for the request. I'm not doing social networking anymore, there's just to many of them out there and I'm getting daily messages from so many networks! Hope you understand. Sent you a message about the new book John Wayne's west - did you check out that link?

  • itdo -

    Hi Keith
    Great job on the book list! Just wanted to check out if you already added this big one:
    That's got to be the most heavy book on JW I ever held in my hands, including no less then 9 CDs with original recordings. You might want to check this out if you haven't already.

  • Stumpy -

    I sent you an email requesting you to obtain a couple of Alan Ladd movies for me from Amazon UK. Please disregard that email as I've discovered I can order the DVDs directly from Amazon-UK and have them shipped over here for about the same price as it would cost you.

  • WaynamoJim -

    Keith, never mind. If I had bothered to check further, I would've found that it was already on there and I even replied to it. I'm getting old.

  • WaynamoJim -

    Keith, I've got another Maureen O'Hara movie to add to the list for review. She starred with Paul Henreid and Walter Slezak in The Spanish Main. It's a pretty good movie about a pirate who kidnaps the daughter of the Spanish Viceroy who's slated to marry another Spanish official. It's one of my favorites and I watch whenever it's on tv.

  • badger -

    Hope you had a great christmas and best wishes for a happy new year

  • luckynedpepper -

    wishing you and family a merry Christmas and a happy New Year


  • arthurarnell -

    Hi Keith

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

    Best Regard


  • The Ringo Kid -

    Hi Keith, sorry about that, im not to knowledgable on what all I can do and not do on the site ;-)) However, ill have some good time on my hands for at least a month because just Tuesday Morning, I had some major surgery on my right foot to straiten out the three middle toes as well as stretch the tendons in the same toes. Yesterday I wasn't feeling too good because the pains in my feet were excruciating. Today is a bit better. I hope this gets to you because I don't know if im doing this correctly? Ill also make sure I send you a PM too just in case? ;-))

    Take care Keith and many thanks--best regards--Carl. ;-))

  • °°Flaca°° -

    Hi Keith,just stopping by to say hi here !

  • mfan0825 -

    Just wanna say hi!

  • Colorado Bob -

    By the way, has anyone ever told you that you look kind of like John Lodge, lead singer and songwriter for the Moody Blues? He's a John Wayne fan as well.

  • Colorado Bob -

    Howdy Keith,
    I'll put it on my list to do, and I'll give it a shot. First thing I'll do is have to make a list of the theme songs I have and send it to you so you can let me know which ones you want me to email to you.

  • °°Flaca°° -

    Thanks for the Friendship !

  • FarmerSteve -

    Thanks for accepting my friendship Kieth

  • Colorado Bob -

    Howdy Keith,
    Did that CD make to you yet?

  • chester7777 -

    Keith, thanks for the heads up! Have a wonderful time! Got a spare bedroom?

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