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  • Hawkswill -

    "Obscene" film collection, Peter? What exactly do you mean by that? Once, we had friends that had come to Gibbons penthouse, (I cooked), for dinner. They invited us to their house. We had a very nice dinner then were invited in to his very fancy "theater"....he was a director and shall remain unnamed, LOL. To make a long story was a set up for a foresome. Gibbons and I didn't wait for the popcorn,LOL! KPKEITH

  • Hawkswill -

    Hi Peter,
    Well, mentioned Islands in the Sky in a post on The Horse Soldiers. Mainly because of similar horrified expressions of Duke's face! Did you make up your list? I am waiting for my laptop to get back Monday afternoon. This computer is about ready to crash. Hope your trip was fun! KPKEITH

  • Hawkswill -

    Hi Peter, LOL, saw your message. You know I am still a NEWBIE and get easily confused! I am very excited about seeing the movie! Have you LIKED White O Morn?
    If not, here is the link. Please go and do it. We need all we can get to help getting legal representation. [URL]!/whiteomornusa[/URL] It will post on your Facebook page if you have one. And you can put a note by it to ask your friends to "share". Thanks if you can, Keith And I WILL think of something fun to send to you! Who is your favorite actor besides Duke?

  • Hawkswill -

    Saw your bit about the upcoming events. So, you are in the States now? Keep us posted in time to be able to see whatever it is. Sit tall in the saddle, KPKEITH

  • Hawkswill -

    WOW, thanks Dooley.......went to accept you and realized I hadn't "accepted" Gortch properly....just did and now he shows up. You can find out a lot about me from my albums and the text on the pics....going to add more. One of my friends has told me a good bit about himself. Love to hear about you if you are a writer. I think I love to write better than eating, LOL!

  • wtrayah -

    If you punch up Circus World on DVD, ( Google it ) you will see a company called Rarity movies. It shows up there. My order came from Forgotten cinema somewhere out of Chicago. 14.95 + [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] close to 20 bucks. bill

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