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  • lindaj48 -

    thank you. i had some bad new monday night my aunt
    called to tell me my cousin had passed away i knew he
    had bone caner and he called me about two months ago
    to tell me bye. we got close the last few yrs after my dad passed
    away and i was taking care of my mom who passed away
    in april of this year on the 22nd she was in a nursing home as
    i could not take are of her after her last fall and hospic came in at the last to help take care of her. as i was sick for awhile with my bronchists. thank for all you great friends

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=navy]i am doing somewhat better i have four kittens over 5 months old keeps me busy and the mommy cat had [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=navy]her fixed[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=navy]and the boys fixed will get the girls fixed as soon as i can, aleast now i do not have to [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=navy]worry about more babys.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=navy]i fall in
    [/COLOR][COLOR=navy]love with kittens and cats so easly[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=navy]and my flowers out side. it has finely cooled off here so glad.[/COLOR]

  • lindaj48 -

    good one of John Wayne

  • Paula -

    Hi, I now have some extra copies of the TV Guide special edition. Please let me know your address and I'll send you one. Thanks! -- Paula

  • ethanedwards -

    Gareth, thanks we try our best. No idea where Robbie came from, but glad you joined us.

  • Hawkswill -

    Proud to be your friend, ID. Feel as if we already are, but this will make if official for all to see, LOL. Have you been following Colin's review of Three Bad Man. If not, you can find it here, some of the comments are very interesting, 12 bloggers and 70 comments in the last week. His next one is a great read on Bend of the River, Also. Thanks for asking me, KEITH


  • lindaj48 -

    mom had a bad day today. had to Have Alot Of IV'S And Blood.

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]if i forgot to tell you all my mom feel in dec13 2012 and had surg went to nursing home12-18-12 but the sug did not help so had to go back last friday 1-18-13[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]my mom sugrs is at 10:00 AM Tomorrow tues 1-22-13[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#000000][COLOR=red]will let you know[/COLOR][/COLOR]

  • lindaj48 -

    [COLOR=blue]welcome to the group. hi and thank you so much[/COLOR]

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