El Dorado (1967)

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  • I thought they could have done without the part of JW getting a stroke, ( arm numbing and all that) otherwise, good movie! Liked it!

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    I just saw this movie that just went on a public TV channel ...

    Some photos from the film ...

    Unconditional's Maureen O'Hara !
    French-English translation: poor !!!

  • Is this an alternate ending? In the finished film, Duke is on the ground after jumping from the wagon, when he shoots Christopher George.

    Suspect this is just staged. George never got his guns level in teh closing gunfight either. Just because I notice details, look at the two pistols. The left one is cocked and the right one isn't. Duke's rifle is way off line and George has him covered. This gunfight would have had a different outcome.

  • This is an old one, but I just saw it. Women are naturally the "doting" type...always wanting to "look after" their man. I imagine Duke's pain and partial paralysis due to that bullet pressing on his spine gave many women the vicarious thrill of taking care of DUKE! LOL! Besides, if he hadn't have had that, one of my best friends from my Miami Beach days would not have gotten to be in a movie with Duke. Yep, Tony was the specialist, Dr. Charles Donovan. I thought his part was a little large to have him listed as uncredited, but I STILL don't know how they do that. I used to do my own B&W photography, developing, etc. I did all of Rex and Tony's pics for their portfolios. Rex never acted in a movie, but he did a lot of commercials...one he was the man that Hertz "flew" into the driver's seat, LOL. Tony got to be friends with James Caan and did a racing movie with him called Red Line 7000 or something like that...but, he got killed early on in a crash! He had a large part in Richard Harris' Camelot...believe he brought Lancelot back from death....was in Combat, The Avengers, DR. WHO, and was one of 5 men considered for a special James Bond movie.
    Now, I have lost him and Rex. Tony once had a talk show in Spain, so it is possible they are there. I just got IMDB PRO to see if it will help me find many of the folks that I can't and need them for my book on Gibbons.....40 years is a long time ago, LOL! Anyway, for me, I am glad poor Duke got shot by the girl.......made them indebted to him a bit also after he mistakenly shot and killed their youngest boy. KEITH

    I thought they could have done without the part of JW getting a stroke, ( arm numbing and all that) otherwise, good movie! Liked it!

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE