El Dorado (1967)

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  • El D.  TONY CLOSE..jpgGreat pic Larry. If you ever run into any of El Dorado that have the tall curly haired specialist doctor, (Anthony Rodgers) in them.....sure would love to see them. Tony and his brother Rex were great friends of mine for years in Miami Beach. Tony and James Cahn were good friends and James got him the part. He had a large part in Camelot with Richard Harris. Thanks once again for all of your wonderful pictures. KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE

  • Tony with other &#52.jpgI once posted a bit about my friend from long ago who played the Specialist doctor for Duke. His name was Anthony, (Tony) Rogers. He had a large part in Camelot with Richard Harris. I later learned that he had been one out of five in the running for the Sean Connery role of James Bond............Tony had never told me that. Tonight, I found out probably why he didn't get it. I FINALLY found them after many years. Brother Rex answered the phone, and although it had been about 30 years............I knew him right away. He said, "Yes, Hello", and I said, " I KNOW this is Rex", LOL........took him a while to figure out who I am....had a city accent back then. After talking about many friends, he told me, "you know Tony died last year?"...........well, of course I didn't! He was 80 when he died and Rex was 81.They were two of the closest people I have ever known. I am certain it was difficult for Rex to even tell me. When I asked him about the James Bond thing........he told me that Tony was almost a for sure thing.....James Caan was standing up for him. But Tony had loved working with Richard Harris, so he asked him for advice. Just so happens Tony and Harris were riding their horses on a California beach one day..........and seems as if Tony got all of the attention, news photos, etc..........I mean who would even KNOW who Richard Harris was.......Tony just looked big, muscular, tanned and his horse did tricks. Tony never thought anything of it. However, Harris had not forgotten, and when Tony asked him for advice on how to present himself......don't know what he said to Tony, but he said things to the judges that got Tony thrown out. I LOVED Sean Connery. I have NEVER seen a really good replacement. But TONY would have been perfect............accent was right also although he was Welsh, he could do just about anything sportswise, himself, AND, he had a magnetic charm, much as Sean did. A career ruined all because of a jealous star. Too bad. But, if he had become James Bond...........I never would have become friends with him and Rex and Rex's daughter, Nicki! Still, wish he had had his chance! KEITH Pic is of the 5 men chosen to replace Sean...........my Tony in the top right. Think they chose the right one? KEITH

    God, she reminds me of me! DUKE