Roped (1919)

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    • Roped (1919)




      Plot Summary
      Cheyenne Harry is a wealth ranch owner.
      After his cowboys put an ad in the newspaper trying to find him a wife,
      Harry marries Aileen Judson-Brown.
      A year into their marriage, Aileen gives birth to their first child.
      The new family live with Aileen’s status seeking mother, Mrs. Judson-Brown.
      Mrs. Judson-Brown tries everything in her power to break up the marriage
      so her daughter can marry the wealthier Ferdie Van Duzen.
      Mrs. Judson-Brown steals Harry and Aileen’s baby and tells
      Harry that Aileen no longer loves him and their baby has died.
      Heart broken, Harry moves out west.

      Harry receives news from Mrs. Judson-Brown’s butler that his baby is still alive.
      Harry finds his child and Aileen confesses her true love.
      The film ends with the reunited family heading West together,
      leaving Harry’s hateful mother-in-law behind.

      Harry Carey ... Cheyenne Harry
      Neva Gerber ... Aileen
      Mollie McConnell ... Mrs. Judson-Brown (as Molly McConnell)
      Arthur Shirley ... Ferdie Van Duzen
      J. Farrell MacDonald ... Butler

      John Ford ... (as Jack Ford)

      Writing Credits
      Eugene B. Lewis ... (story) (scenario)

      James C. Bradford

      John W. Brown
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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    • Roped (1919)

      Roped was a 1919 American Western/comedy film directed by John Ford
      and featuring Harry Carey.
      The film is considered to be lost.

      Roped is one of at least 25 films in which director John Ford and actor Harry Carry collaborated
      on between the years of 1917 and 1921.
      Ford saw Carey as a mentor and their worked on the story ideas for several of their films together.

      During these collaborations, Carey made more per film then Ford.
      By 1919, the year Roped came out, Ford was making 300 dollars a week, Carey was making 1,250.
      This differential in pay led to tension between the two.


      User Review

      Roped ( 1919 ) -- Lost Western
      31 July 2015 | by Pamela Short (Canada)

      pamela wrote:

      Cheyenne Harry ( Harry Carey ), a wealthy ranch owner decides he needs a housekeeper,

      but his cowboys decide he needs a wife and advertise in an eastern newspaper.
      The ad is answered by Aileen Judson-Brown ( Neva Gerber ), as dictated by her fortune-hunting mother.
      Harry marries Aileen and a baby is born a year later. Deciding to gain more money and social standing, Mrs. Judson-Brown ( Mollie McConnell ) then tries to break up the marriage so that Aileen can marry Ferdie Van Duzen ( Arthur Shirley ). Mrs. Judson-Brown steals the baby and tells Harry the baby has died and Aileen no longer loves him. Harry goes out West in sorrow, but when Mrs. Judson-Brown's butler ( J. Farrell MacDonald ) wires Harry the truth, Harry locates the baby and discovers Aileen still loves him. The reunited family goes West together, leaving Mrs. Judson-Brown behind.

      This 1919 silent western was another episode of character Cheyenne Harry,
      played by Harry Carey and directed by John Ford.
      Sadly, Roped now remains a lost silent film.
      Best Wishes
      London- England

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