A Home Made Man

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  • I have not seen any mention or page on the message board about A Home Made Man, a 1928 short comedy by director Norman Taurog. Its only 15 minutes, from 1928, but it has a page on IMDB, which has John Wayne listed as uncredited (man on stool). I just finished watching my copy, and sure enough, he is in this short film. The picture I’m attaching is from IMDB and is grainy…on film its clearly Duke.

  • sure looks like him!! long lean torso is familiar too! lol, but i dont think he was discovered as yet? he may have been working as prop boy in 28 but he wasnt known as john wayne yet in 28, even in his first earlies 1930s serials he was listed a mariam morrison still. ill have a look see to refresh! lol I don't quite remember if he started doing the serials in the early thirties or late 20s?