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    The snow storm is supposed to dump the majority along the I40 corridor so anyone traveling I40 through Oklahoma arkansas Texas panhandle will see large drifts with 40 mph winds lows in the low teens so wind chills will be brutal. be aware and be careful.

    I wish it was us getting this. We need moisture and the snow would be fun for the kids and myself for snowmobiling.

    We are cold now but not much snow. Mother nature is playing another cruel trick on us this year after last years non winter we may be having another one.

    Still no snow and looks like a brown Christmas for us here in Minnesota. Very odd weather as we really have no snow to speak of and any cold weather yet. Kind of depressing with no snow.

    Well, Minnesota is not generally known as "tornado alley". I guess we just got unlucky......... Things have quieted down somewhat. Still some possibilities for severe weather this evening. But the weekend is looking nice, which will be good because they need nice weather to cleanup the mess.

    I live about 85 miles from the area and by the time the storms got to us all it did was rain heavy and lots of wind. Some straightline wind damage but nothing like the tornado cause in my home town.

    Well, we just went through a bunch of storms here in SE Minnesota. My home town of Albert Lea doesn't sound like they made it through safely. Roughly 3 dozen tornados reported, many houses damaged or completely destroyed. My parents seem to be ok, my brother has damaged to he roof, it's dark so hard to tell till the morning. There is a triage center at the local hospital. Gonna be a rough night for them in that area. Pray for the best outcome. I will let you know more if I hear anything.

    We are going to get down to -15F tonight and tomorrow night will be -20F or colder. We won't even talk about windchills. We also received 3-4 inches of snow last night and through the day today. This is turning into a good winter so far!!!

    Bill, that looks great. Snow makes everything look so "clean".

    We are going through our second big storm of the year, last 1 was 2 weeks ago. This one, they are predicting 20 inches of snow and high winds and it will last through Saturday evening. We probably won't be going to our parent home's for Chrsitmas, as we need to travel about 95 miles. The kids are going to be disappointed. Hopefully we can get to church tomorrow evening to atleast have Christmas Eve services.

    I am sure loving the snow though :)

    Well, its been kind of a snow drought here lately. Suppose to get 1-3 inches tonight into tomorrow. Then the bottom will drop out of the thermometer. Highs this week are predicted to be -5F and lows -15F to -20F.

    u are so lucky... all you people who get snow and ice.... all we get here is rain, rain and more rain like today

    We don't hope for ice. I personally love the snow. Christmas is so awesome when everything is white!!!

    Hot, I can barely spell that word!!!! It was -11F last night. Suppose to get 6-10 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and another 4-8 inches on Sunday!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!

    Its Snowing all around us here in the Verde Valley in Northern Arizona, and up on the Rim where Williams and Flagstaff are at and The Wild West John Wayne Museum is at, They already have one Foot Of Snow and Still Coming Down.
    I think I will Wake Up in the Morning with All That White Stuff Here To !!!

    That's awesome Bill, I love the snow!!

    We are cold, like highs -2F. Suppose to snow tomorrow through Monday and more next week. I hope so!!!!

    Well, the indian summer is gone. Earlier this week we had highs in the 70's. But it has now dropped to normal temps and we are in the 30's for highs. We received alittle snow, its gone now. It was what was left from the storm that hit the Dakotas.

    Don't tell me that your Dad is a member of the DFL and intends to vote for Al Franken? :teeth_smile::teeth_smile:

    Let's put it this way...He is really confused when it comes to choosing the president for this election. I have not talked to him about his senate choice yet. We have to tread lightly on these issues. He comes from the old DFL ways. He is fiscally conservative but for some reason thinks the government should be giving things to him. There in lies my greatest conflict with him. I keep telling him that if the government is giving you something, its not the government, its yourself cause your taxes keep going up. Then we get into the sheep arguement and it all goes down hill from there!!!

    Sure wish I could, Todd, but my 3 kids (and their collective 7 kids) couldn't afford to move up there with me and I don't wanna move that far away from them. I keep telling my wife that if we ever win the MegaMillions lottery (current jackpot 114 mil), I'm gonna move all of us to a cooler climate. My dream is to live up around Murray's neck of the woods (Vancouver, BC).

    As for the cost of living, I believe I've read that Texas is one of the least expensive places to live in the whole U.S.

    Besides, my conservative political preferences wouldn't fit in with all those liberals you have up in Minnesota. You're an anomaly, you know. :wink_smile::wink_smile:

    Don't I know that I am an anomaly. My dad points it out to me every chance he gets. Then I ask him what it's like to be a sheep, then he asked me what I mean, then I say "See, you don't even know what I am talking about unless I tell you!!". It all goes down hill from there!!! HEHEHEHEHE!!!

    Well, the respite from blast furnace temperatures was good while it lasted but we're back in our usual scorching rut.

    Stumpy, you have got to move about 1000 miles north. If you are already retired it wouldn't take much to move to Minnesota, Wisconsin, or the UP of Michigan. I would almost bet its cheaper to live up here then down there. Sell the house, by a town home. Sure we have snow but we have awesome summers. Suppose to get down to 49F tonight and high of 77 tomorrow. No humidity!!!!