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    We had a good day yesterday, only 53F, but sunny. Not so sunny today. A chance of rain, and around 59F. The sun helps make it feel good. The clouds make it feel colder. Should be an uneventful week next week with some rain, some sun but around 60 for highs. Cold mornings for Central Alabama around the upper 30's.

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    Seasonal year now. It is cool outside with off and on showers. Yes, we had tornados on Christmas day, the first time in recorded history to have tornados on this holiday, but we had 15 on this day. And the storms were south of us a close as 30 miles away.

    I am some 180 miles from Mobile which was hit with the storms. We just saw a very rainy day with lots of rain. Then it got very cold and windy then warmer then wet again, then cold, and now we are about to get another rain period to bring in the New Year. So it has been a rollercoaster of sorts for the past 10 days.

    But we need the rain. No snow right now. None in the forcast. Happy New Year.

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    Our first freeze of the season. Going to the mid 20's tonight. I guess we are about to get into the winter season. Could use some rain. Haven't had any for almost 2 weeks, and some 16 inches below normal for the year. Quiet dry out there. I was getting up the leaves today.

    Maybe some rain by Tuesday. And warmer by then.

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    We've had a below seasonal weather for August weather this week. Cool mornings in the mid 60's and Highs around a 90, but most of all low humidy. This weekend is also a good one, but it is next week that we are in for a battle according to the forecasters.

    It seems that Isaac is coming out way from the Atlantic. Right now it is tropical storm leaving Haiti and heading for Cuba. Once it gets across Cuba, it will be into the Gulf of Mexico and looks to be heading our way.

    The storm is expecting to hit the Alabama coast by next Wednesday as a Hurricane 1 storm. Right now they expect it to hit right between Mobile and Pensacola. The distance between the two cities is 60 miles apart. If it hits there, then we will be getting the brunt of the storms as well.

    So, keeping my fingers crossed that we escape it. I want it to rain but not those winds. With the drought we had this year, we will see many trees and flooding do a lot of damage as well as the winds. Not wanting that to happen. Will stay in touch.

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    Nice weather right now. In the low 90's but a little less humid, and we are getting some great rain right now. About 2 inches in a week. Really love that. We need it like so many others. Suppose to get more this week and then a really nice weekend.

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    We didn't hit 90 today. We had some good rain the last four days, and suppose to be in the 60's the next three mornings. Humidity is suppose to go down as a cold front goes through. Praise the Lord! It is temporary, but we are in August.

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    Something funny happened yesterday. We got rain! A good amount of the wet stuff. About an inch and a half. It was a good slow and steady rain. Had to dodge lightning, but it was a welcome site. The high was only around 86.

    Now back to reality. We are back in the upper 90's and very sticky and maybe like that for the rest of the week. A little chance of rain. It is the dog days of August.

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    Boy, I am ready for winter. Or at least something else in the weather. We have not seen any rain at my house for over two weeks. Well, not completely true, we've have a few and I mean a few drops of rain. It did no good. And I must say that was not the case around town or for that fact in my neighborhood. Last weekend it rain a few hundred feet from my house from the east very hard, while we got a sprinkle that didn't get the patio wet. And the next day, it rained very hard next door from the north, while we got a sprinkle that didn't get the patio wet. My next door neighbor got maybe a tenth of an inch before the storm moved north. I feel I was robbed.

    And to make matters worse, we are now in a dry spell and have been in the upper 90's and high humidity to get the heat index up to 115. At least give us rain. The rain gauge has been around a half an inch since June 11.

    Now relief in sight. Temps suppose to get to 100+ with heat index over 120 most of the week. I think we are in the desert. Everything is so brown/gray outside. Lost most flowering plants, grass, and a couple of trees and three bushes. But we are looking forward to cool nights. We get down to around 80 with heat index of 95.

    Need my jacket for that.

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    Something very unusual happen to me today. Something hit me in the head and face. I thought it was someone spitting on me, but it was clear and cool, and rather small wet particles. I think it was called rain. Don't get me wrong, it didn't rain that much that long but it was really great to see. Made my day. The first one in 4 weeks. Hope to not wait that long for the next one.

    Still muggy and hot overall. How long til winter?

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    Some hot here. But it has been a typical July Day on this holiday season. Yesterday, we saw rain in town. Not where I live, but on the east side. I live on the north side of town. It was nice to see for them, but would have liked to see it in my yard. No rain in my area so far today. But it was a pretty nice day. Temperatures in the mid to upper 90's. Humid but not all that bad.

    So sad to hear that so many are without electricity. I am grateful that we have ours. Hope that everyone gets power back soon.

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    We didn't break a hundred today. Therer was rain around us but none here. But we did have clouds to keep the sun covered most of the day. The humidity was there but at least it was bearable. But we are going back to the upper 90's this week. Hope we get the wet stuff.

    By the way, what is that. Haven't see that in three weeks.

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    Let's see; last night, hot. This morning, Hot. This afternoon, HOT! Tonight, HOT!! Tomorrow, HOT!!! Sunday, HOT!!!! Did I tell you that it is HOT!

    I wonder if there is any relief in sight. From the west, NO! From the gulf, NO!

    How's the weather on the other side of the pond?

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    Let's see. We are in a weird pattern here in the state. We have the tropical storm on the gulf coast. It is really raining, but not here. We are west of the tropical eye and in the northern hemisphere, these storm rotate counterclockwise.

    That means that the storm is bringing in moisture from the gulf to the east giving the panhandle of Florida around the Panama City area and areas east the rain, they do not want right now. We are talking about buckets of rain. An average of 10 plus inches per day. Flooding like you've never seen. And it is moving through parts of Georgia.

    Now as the storm is rotating around going toward the west, it is bringing down the dry air on the other side of the eye and bringing us in Alabama dry conditions which means dry warm or hot air that is blowing as it goes south back into the gulf waters.

    We are wedged in within a two hundred miles around us with the southeast part of Alabama with a high of 79, to the northwest side of this with a temperature of 105. We actually were 98 in our area with very windy conditions, and intermittent clouds around us all day. It is humid outside, and if you are in the shade it is cool except when the wind blows that dry hot air, but in the sun it is brutal.

    There is a high pressure dome over us that is creating that heat wave, so when the tropical storm goes further east, we will see out temps over 100 very quickly. With no relief in sight for the next 10 days.

    Tropical Strom Debby is moving very slowly and getting a lot of rain, but not in Alabama. Just as the storm crosses into the state is dissipates and well, no rain. If this storm move to the west which is not likely, then we will see rain ourselves.

    Overall, just another southern summer day with unpredictable things all around.

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    It's Baaaaaaaaaaaack! The humidy is back with a vengence. I knew it was a matter of time, but it was nice while it lasted. Need some rain. But none forecasted this weekend or it is but so low, it will not more than likely not gonna rain at my house unless I turn on the sprinkler.

    Oh well, at least we are not on the northen east coast.

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    Well, we are getting hotter, but the humidy is still low. Not complaining, it's coming soon. Just enjoying it while it lasts. Didn't quiet make it to 90, but sure it will happen tomorrow. It is the first day summer.

    We are suppose to have daylight for 14 hours and 18 minutes. Let's here it for the longest day of the year. Hey smokey, this is your shortest day of the year for you.

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    This has turned out to be a rather pleasant weekend for June standards. Less humid, tempatures below 90, and sunny skies. Reality is coming back soon, but really enjoying this right now.

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    Well, this is unusual, we are getting rain from the east. That is Georgia. We usually get the storms from the Gulf, the west (Mississippi) or the north (Tennessee). And this is a pretty hefty storm. But not complaining.

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    I'm down in Enterprise myself and you're right. We're working on 5 inches in the last 48 hours and we still won't be able to water grass next week.

    Howdy neighbor. Greetings to you from Prattville, AL. Hope you are not drowning down there. We are dry right now, but I think you're about to dry up for now yourself.

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