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    Wish old Texas could get some of Down-Under's rain, smokey. I've lived in the Lone Star state for a little more than 20 years and I've never seen it as dry as it is right now. And what makes it worse is that the winds have been terrible so when a grass fire starts, it's almost impossible to put it out.

    Staying warm, but we're getting a minor cold spell for the next day or two.

    Whaddaya mean minor, Jay. I got up this morning at 0530, went to a convenience store for a cuppa coffee, and my truck's thermometer reading for the outside temperature said 31 degrees. I have to admit though that by this afternoon, it had warmed up to about 58. Much better.

    Bright sun and warmer temperatures today. Hopefully, conditions will melt some of the snow and ice that coat north Texas.

    Lookin' good - I went out earlier and managed to easily shovel most of the ice and snow off my front porch so people won't slip and fall, rendering me liable for a lawsuit. :lol You know how lawyers are. :wink:

    Just to give you an idea of what things have looked like in much of Texas for almost a week. Sure not fun trying to drive in this, especially if you're not accustomed to it.

    What's ironic is that the Super Bowl football game, featuring teams from northern states that usually have this kind of winter weather, is being staged in Arlington, near Fort Worth. Ordinarily, we'd have beautiful weather for both teams to enjoy but now, they should feel right at home.

    well i live in the ipswich area really but it is also close to brisbane and yes the cyclone did come in north of me we will get the rain shortly but at the moment it is sunny and humid

    cheers smokey

    You should latch onto one of those flyers at Amberley. He can support you and the lad and then you won't have to work so hard. :wink:

    Hallelujah, apparently the outside temperature has risen above 32°F because water drops from melting snow are dripping from my roof line.

    According to the online forecast, that wasn't supposed to happen until tomorrow.

    STUMPY THE WEATHER, here sticnks. Do you know how I 35 is south in South Okla and North texas is? My daughter is heading to Austin today. I have tried to discourage travel but you know how 26 yr olds are.

    If I were you, I'd strongly advise my daughter to delay her trip until the roads clear. Seems like things are just getting worse.

    Well, maybe the Arctic-like weather we've been having may have at least one beneficial effect and that's the vanquishing of certain insect species.

    For instance, earlier today I happened to be looking out a back window and noticed that in the eaves of my storage shed, there was a gigantic yellowjacket nest. (For those who don't know, a yellowjacket is a species of wasp common in Texas and most other southern/central states. Their sting is extremely painful.)

    Hopefully, this freezing weather will exterminate the larvae in that nest. (Plus any fly larvae within 25 thousand miles :wink_smile:)

    I gather the cyclone came ashore considerably to the north of you?

    From things you've said, I think you're in the Brisbane area, aren't you?