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    Mark, I hope you are doing OK.

    It seems that NJ, NYC, and Long Island have been particularly hard hit - devastating damage esp. in NYC transit system! And the storm's not over yet . . . keeps on moving!

    My prayers are with all that are being affected by Hurricane Sandy! Keep us posted as you are able!

    Mrs. C :angel1:

    We had a bit of a heat wave, with temps in the low hundreds (101-106 at the hottest), but we are enjoying the sudden drop in temperatures to the eighties!

    Almost 6 AM and it appears the overnight low is 59 degrees.

    In another couple of months, we may be mentioning rain . . . it sure has been a long time (not as long as some parts of Texas, but around here it's pretty safe to plan an outdoor event all summer with little fear of being rained out).

    I'm truly amazed at how nice the weather has been for the last several months. Don't remember when it rained last. Suspect we will be paying for it at some point.

    Chester :newyear:

    If you ever fancy an education in rain I'm sure Keith or myself would be happy to oblige. We're both experts on the subject!

    Would this include an all inclusive trip to Great Britain, at no cost? :wink_smile:

    Chester :newyear:

    P.S. Another very nice day ahead of us.

    Sounds very complex, here, the suns shining.

    Chester :newyear:

    Will y'all adopt me--please!!!!

    I don't know, with the money you spend on DVD's, we both would be going to the poor house. :wink_smile:

    All kidding aside, we are getting close (5 more years) to our youngest turning 18, our oldest is 31, do the math, after over thirty years taking care of loved ones, Its almost time for a break. :wink_smile::wink_smile:

    Chester :newyear:

    P.S. I was up in San Francisco today, Wow, was it nice. Days like today make you realize why one may want to live there.