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    Dang was raining hard and got real quiet. Yep, was snowing hard...nice big fat flakes....beautiful. Only last a couple of hours....about 2 to 3 inches worth then stopped........DANG! If it is going to be cold, I want SNOW!

    If it keeps raining as hard as it has been all day, and the temp keeps dropping to the 19 degrees that is projected, we will have 2 feet of fluffy snow in the morning with very thick black ice beneath it! Time will tell!

    Frost 2 inches thick at dawn, and I thought it was supposed to be in the high 30s this morning........FREEZING in the house, LOL....fireplace is going now. It is the NEXT four days that are supposed to be warmer. Getting a new weather service!

    After many days of rain and temps not quite good enough to make it snow instead, it is clear today and warmer. But supposed to get cold again for a couple of days. Beginning to wonder if we will EVER get any beautiful snow this year.........surely do hope so!

    Chain saw is going today...........making sure there is enough firewood, LOL!

    Supposed to get cold here tonight and last for a few days. But, even though I thought I was going to have to lay a fire and keep it up, I haven't to for over two weeks now.......good, save on wood! We had a little rain, but not enough to do any good. I am glad......hope it saves itself up for a nice below freezing few days. Would love to get a couple of feet of snow. Like nothing better than to hit the woods in a heavy snowfall. THAT is the time to cut the Christmas tree, and this time, I will have my tripod set up so I can get pics of chopping it down and hauling it back to the house! Great time for finding the movement of the deer, rabbits, etc. also. Need to put some meet into the freezer!

    Had some warmer weather but can't sleep and I can feel the cold coming.....have to start a fire in the fireplace soon......few days of this, then a bit warmer.

    POXY....I will have to try to remember to use that...Folks will put me in the looney bin. Where in the world does it come from? KEITH Cool but still no fire in the fireplace.

    Neighbor brought me a huge load of tree limbs just the right diameter for me. Now, have to finish chain sawing them to fit the fireplace. Should finish and have them all stacked on the second story back porch in a couple of days.

    What in the world is a poxy car, pray tell?
    Bit cool all day after a 24 degree night. Supposed to warm up into the 60s days and only mid 40s at night.....saving on firewood!

    0 degrees, 32 F, today. First proper morning of scraping the car windscreen

    At 4:30am when I let one of my dogs out, there was no frost and it was about 35 degrees.......3 hours later, thick frost and 22 degrees....hard for my fire to really keep the house warm when it gets down there, but at least it knocks the chill off. Getting time to use the insulated coveralls for more than just hunting, LOL! KEITH