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    Thanks for agreeing in bit, Keith. To me, his face looks lighter and more out of focus than the others. And his hat looks off center to his face. Maybe he was just feeling sickly that day and wore his hat spun to the left a bit. It was just an observation on my part. Maybe he didn't like his expression in the original and had it fixed? I don't know how the abilities of altering photos was back then.



    But, Bobby Vinton has also starred in two movies with John Wayne: Big Jake and The Train Robbers.

    I know he was in the movie, Romy, but I am just talking about this particular photo. His face looks more washed out than the other boys, like it was clipped in later. Doesn't it look that way to your eyes, or am I getting older and blinder. lol


    Hi dukefan1

    Out of curiousity do all the books you have posted follow exactly what is in the film.


    The books that were written from the screenplay follow the movie pretty close, with maybe a little more attention to detail. The books that were written befor the movies were made are different. They are close in some reguards, and way off in others. Depending on how the screenwriter adapts the book, I guess. Examples: The Sea Chase and True Grit, pretty close with a few different twists. Shepherd of the Hills and The Stars in Their Courses (El Dorado), way different than the movie, but great books non the less.


    I always thought that way also, Robbie. It would have made it better to have him at least comment or show sadness at the loss of a lifelong friend or man's best friend. The only flaw in a very enjoyable movie.