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    Maureen O Hara in her book implied scenes had been shot but were edited to make the film less than two hours. It does seem to have a jumpy uneven edit that gives the impression feel that there were scenes cut from movie. Whether they still exist, could be found or could be restored to a theatrical movie is anybody's guess.

    Talking of the dog was it a descendant of Lassie?

    I know the dog in Hondo was Lassie dirtied up.

    Also, Duke won Lassie in a poker game with's it owner but gave the dog back the next day as he felt guilty.


    Thanks Dakota

    My mind has gone to goo!!!:stunned: Of Course. He is in The Mc Kenzie Break with Brian Keith and if you dont look for him you would never identify him.

    So out of six outings 5 deaths and 1 survival mind you I think he gets hit in The Undefeated.

    Ask him, if he would preferred a role in a John Wayne movie that survived at the end!


    Yes poor Gregg is like Lassie he doesnt make good odds of making it to the last reel either.

    He was shot in Commancheros Bouvier (opponent in duel) uncredited.

    Gregg survived in The Undefeated as the horse agent but died in Rio Lobo shot in the stomach throwing his dynamite, shot by Billy the Kid in Chisum and again by Duke in Big Jake.

    I notice he is listed as being in The Shootist but cant remember seeing him and also featured in the True Grit TV movie with Warren Oates


    Yes if I was a dog I would reconsider my contract working with John Wayne.

    Between Hondo Big Jake & The Searchers they dont have a much luck living to the last reel

    Always wondered was it related to the dog in Hondo who was apparently one of the many Lassie's

    Anyway ,Big Jake despite it uneveness is not a bad movie. Not a classic but an improvement on other like Train Robbers and The Undefeated.


    Maureen O Hara in her book thought it had the potential to be a great film and that through bad editing they made a mess of it.

    Now, how much of her gripes were caused by her role being the most edited is up for debate but she did come out of retirement to make the film so the property must have been strong enough initially to let her make that decision.

    As Robbie, has said before a better director, tighter script with less comedy and a stronger cast would have enhanced the movie.

    Hi All

    I checked Maureen's book and she states that some of the best scenes with her and Duke were cut. If this is the case what else is missing. It would be great if some kind of restored cut could be reissued as a DVD.

    Numerous films have been reissued this way. I would presume that Batjac would have the rights.

    Is there any way this can be investigated? I do believe this would sell which would make it interesting to those with rights.

    Any thoughts


    Hi Robbie

    I couldnt agree with you more. I think they panicked over the violence and thought lets lighten it with comedy in the middle.

    I agree with you over Patrick & Chris two more suitable replacements would have been better.

    The car chase was a novelty to show it was the end of a era. They dont quite achieve reality to be honest.

    That said it is a good movie but as I said before slightly uneven.

    According to Maureen O Hara's book there was quite a bit cut from the movie (I think she said 1/2 hour I need to check) and she had more scenes than were shown and was rather bemused that her role ended up more or less a cameo.

    No possibility of a director's cut/special edition?


    I like Big Jake and enjoy watching it but always thought it was a bit uneven at times between the violence and what was close to comedy Mc Lintock style.

    Wasn't Dog actually Lassie or one of her descendants?