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    Beautiful scene, but I do not remember seeing her in the movie ...

    Something is screwy here.......can't find what you are talking about. I mentioned that Duke and Ethan and I THOUGHT Aissa were in a picture.......don't see it on mine now. But I said that ETHAN was the Grandson in Big Jake. If that was Aissa, she was just visiting. KEITH

    Still don't have the movie yet Mark. But I have looked at the pic pretty carefully, and I just can't imagine such a perfect job back then....none of the very slight fuzziness where the new joins, the old..perfect alignment of all.....
    They may have "doctored" the face a bit for some reason, but I am pretty sure that is all original. Still, will check it when I get the movie.....I won't forget, LOL! HAGO, Mark, KEITH

    Thanks for agreeing in bit, Keith. To me, his face looks lighter and more out of focus than the others. And his hat looks off center to his face. Maybe he was just feeling sickly that day and wore his hat spun to the left a bit. It was just an observation on my part. Maybe he didn't like his expression in the original and had it fixed? I don't know how the abilities of altering photos was back then.


    I know he was in the movie, Romy, but I am just talking about this particular photo. His face looks more washed out than the other boys, like it was clipped in later. Doesn't it look that way to your eyes, or am I getting older and blinder. lol


    Yo MARK! LONG time! I used to Photoshop a couple of hours a day for years...big hobby of mine. If this was photoshopped, the person who did it was an expert. Who would the person have been that was there? His leg DID look a little thick. I would have to look at the movie and do a screen shot or too to tell for sure. Hopefully I will be getting it soon. Once I do, unless someone else has already proven it yeah or nay, I will show you which it is. You are correct though......his face does not appear as dark as the others.....perhaps it wasn't? Will let you know. YF, KEITH