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    So, we're on the countdown to choosing a film for September!

    I'm pleased that we've managed to dig deep contribute on this one as it could have been a choice that killed the group watch dead! :wink_smile:

    It'd be great if Paula would join the party as her take on the films would be really informative, so if anyone knows her well please invite her in.

    Are there any volunteers to pick the next one, has to be a Western this time?

    Glad to hear that you are at least enjoying watching this and I'm enjoying your "reviews". I may watch it again just to have a few more beers.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Just make sure it's not too many so you can at least remember what you watched!:wink_smile:

    So are any of the other members on here going to watch or comment on The Conqueror??
    Only asking as there have been few comments and, to be honest, I had to force myself to watch it, remember I had never seen it, and was actually surprised! So all you true 'Duke fans' out there step up to the plate and join in.
    Great choice of film BTW as it'll really separate the men from the boys, lol!

    So, firstly I'd like to say a thank you to Gorch for choosing a Duke film I've owned for ages but never watched!
    So I prepared myself, sat down, beer in hand as advised, to watch The Conqueror and, guess what?, Thoroughly enjoyed it!
    The Duke is horribly miscast, we all know that, but he's closely followed by Susan Hayward in the woeful acting stakes.
    The dialogue is laughable, which didn't help the Duke, and there are sections of inane drivel, but despite all of this, somehow, it's really enjoyable!
    The horsemanship was fantastic, the use of the widescreen format; impressive, the battle scenes; spectacular.
    As mentioned by others, not the Duke's worst film, all in all an enjoyable romp if you don't take it too seriously.

    Gorch, following on from your glowing review I think the beer is needed before you start watching the film! :)

    Dooley, the European Blu-ray of The Conqueror is Region B locked so I don't think it will play on my machine. (North America is Region A.) Very annoying! There probably is a way to unlock the region lock on the player but I'm don't know how and you void the warranty if you try to mess with it. My player's new so it's still under warranty and I definitely don't want to void it. ;)

    So I guess I should take a look:wink_smile:
    My main concern is its the same studio who released North to Alaska and the Barbarian and the Geisha.
    Thankfully, due to asking around on here, I steered clear of the Barbarian and the Geisha and bought the Walmart release which is superb.
    I wasn't so lucky with North to Alaska which looks beautiful but has an error which makes the film 'stick' on a frame every couple of minutes or so which is so distracting I'm sending mine back :(
    As The Conqueror isn't high on my list of Duke films I've stayed away.
    I actually got my Blu ray from the USA and had it shipped here! It's the only place that did multi region coding on Sony Blu ray players so I'm really lucky I can flip from one to the other.

    Thanks again for the heads up Paula.
    Have you looked into the Blu ray release available in Europe?