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    After checking Robert Keys on IMDB, they substantiate his movie and TV history.

    Here was one advertizement there for him speaking at Tulane University, New Orleans Louisiana. His Alma Mata, apparently a year before his death in 2004.

    Robert Keys speaking at Tulane March 15, 2003 by patmcwbr [SIZE=-1] (Wed Jan 8 2003 12:34:24) [/SIZE] [SIZE=-2]Ignore this User | Report Abuse[/SIZE] On Saturday, March 15, Robert Keys will be speaking at the 50th Annual Tulane Educational Conference on: "A Life in the Movies."
    Robert “O. J.” Keys, a Tulane University 1952 graduate from the school of Arts & Sciences, has acted in over 150 movies and t.v. shows, with Cary Grant, John Wayne, Tony Curtis, Sterling Hayden, Lloyd Bridges, Paul Newman, Randolph Scott, James Garner, Frank Sinatra, James Arness, and Bob Hope. He was the creator and producer, as well as lead for Street of Darkness and is currently producing on location in New Orleans Louisiana a movie based on Mary Lou Widmer’s historical novel of Irish immigrants set in New Orleans, "Night Jasmine." He is also the author of "Secrets of Dying Young at a Very Old Age," which he will be selling and signing at the conference. Known as a youth as O. J. Key, he played football for Jesuits High School in New Orleans, making 1st string All American, then served 3 years in the Pacific during WWII in the Marine Air Corps in the middle of his Tulane football-playing career. Drafted to play professional football with the Detroit Lions, he chose instead the Hollywood route and became Robert Keys!
    The public is invited to the conference on the uptown campus at the University Center, Tulane University, New Orleans Louisiana. (Fee approx $30) Contact Tulane University Office of Alumni Affairs for details, toll free, 1-877-488-5263

    One of the Duke's lesser known efforts, it is not available on DVD at this time (at least that we could find). Amazon has it on VHS, for under $10 including shipping.

    What a difference 4 years makes!

    Amazon still has Big Jim McLain available on VHS, but now it's also available on DVD (a little over $11, but includes shipping), as well as in a boxed set, with 5 other films, for under $50.

    I have heard both pros and cons about this movie. Thankfully TCM will be showing it later today. This is one of the few I've yet too see and I'll be able to form my own opinion.

    So gt, did you ever see this movie when it was on TCM? If so, what did you think?

    Quote from The Ringo Kid

    I do recall that for some reason, I could not stand Nancy Olsen in this movie. I don't know why?

    I think my biggest problem with Nancy Olsen was that she seemed a little young for Duke. She is 21 years younger. Also, something I had never known was that she is 180º from John Wayne in her views -

    Quote from IMDb Trivia on Nancy Olson

    Although Olson hated the script to Big Jim McLain (1952), an anti-communist movie, she figured that six weeks in Hawaii and a chance to work with an iconic star like John Wayne seemed a good enough reason to accept. Besides, she thought the film would flop and nobody would see it. She didn't count on the constant TV exposure the film has had and says people stop her all the time to say they've seen her in it. Olson is a staunch liberal Democrat and she said she and Wayne would often have political arguments but she would always let Wayne have the last word. She also said he loved women and was a flirt but never crossed the line and was always the perfect gentleman.

    So even though they had very differing view points, he made a good impression on her (that's our Duke!).

    Chester :newyear:

    Hey Duke fan. I was wondering if you knew if this movie will be coming out in dvd. I know that recently some of the Duke's movies have been converted to dvd.

    Looks like this film is available on DVD now -

    You can buy it individually (cheaper at Deep Discount)…ct.htm?productId=11431874 Big Jim McLain: John Wayne,Arness,Olson: Movies & TV

    Or it's part of that set that recently came out, The John Wayne Film Collection, one of six films for under $40.

    Chester :newyear:


    Originally posted by Jay J. Foraker@Nov 27 2006, 08:21 AM
    Vera - there is no way that you would offend anyone here. It is refreshing to get a viewpoint of someone who has a point of reference from within as it were.


    AMEN, Jay!

    Vera, I second Jay's comments, and appreciate you sharing your thoughts here!

    Chester :newyear:

    One of the Duke's lesser known efforts, it is not available on DVD at this time (at least that we could find). Amazon has it on VHS, for under $10 including shipping.

    This is a movie that we enjoy, especially having visited the Arizona Memorial, as did Keith. I also have a similar anti-Communist outlook as Mr. McLain. :angry:

    Chester :newyear: