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    Tried my copy again on my new Blu-ray player and while it stopped at the exact same scene, I pushed the forward button and after a while the picture started moving again. When I moved back again to when the picture originally frooze, it moved with no problems whatsoever. It got stuck again about 20 minutes later, but I did the same thing and it worked once again.

    Odd, but at least I can watch the movie now!

    Sometimes you just can't play digital on blueRay. Try you old DVD player.

    I sent Nancy Olson a couple of photos about six months ago and received them back signed A few weeks ago. She is in her late eighties but still took the time to sign and return my pictures. I have sent out photos to about to about forty surviving cast members of differant films and received twenty two back so far. They take anywhere from three weeks to six months. From Angie Dickenson to Frankie Avalon, Ed Asner to Lee Acker, they have all been very kind, some even writing a nice little note along with the autograph. If any members would like an address of their favorate star, I will be glad to share or research the information for them. There is also a certain way to mail your photos that make it easy for the star to sign and return them, that I will be glad to share. Thanks again Lasbugas. Big Jim

    Thank you for the great pictures. I copied them all for my collection. They will make a great assortment for background on my PC. I buy these types of pictures, when I can find them, and hang them in my store for all to enjoy. Sometimes they are hard to find. I have about a hundred differant ones from many of Duke's films. Thank you again, you made my day. I will have to pull out my copy of the movie for tonight. Big Jim

    At the young age of six years old I remember the fear that was instilled in me of communists and their attempt to rule the world. My sons are in their fortys and still say they expected to die young because of an atomic war. This movie helped to ease the fears of the time by showing there was something being done about it. It may have just been a movie but in those days that is what many people based their hopes on. It's probably clear this is one of my favorites, not only because of content but it was entertaining as well. Lots of action, the good guys win and Duke gets a sweet girl.
    By the by Liz Montgomery was in Bewitched and Nancy olson was in Flubber as well as many other fun flicks. I, at this point can't see anyone else in the roll. I felt her part kept the theme of protecting home and country, and Duke certainly was an expert at getting that point accross. Thank you all for the great posts and info - Big Jim