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    Now that's what I was really after ! A John Wayne bobble-head doll

    LOL! Just so you know -- when I got into line for Rio Bravo, I noticed the guy in front of me had the bobble-head doll in his bag (I could see the box). I remarked that he must be a real John Wayne fan and we struck up a conversation about Wayne and Rio Bravo that (as many of these conversations do) soon veered off onto other topics. ;) Now if only they made a Ben Johnson bobble-head doll, I'd get one of those. I do have a Wolverine bobble-head doll!

    Hi, Chester, yes, TCM has been holding the classic film festival in Hollywood for three years now and I've been very very lucky in that I've been able to attend all three. Usually they show some westerns though not always with John Wayne. :) Last year they programmed four restored Roy Rogers movies and Roy's daughter Cheryl Rogers-Barnett was there to introduce them. (And Herb Jeffries, the Bronze Buckaroo and the last living singing cowboy, attended the screenings! I was absolutely dumbstruck with awe seeing him in person.)

    Here is the link to the TCM festival page:

    Click on the link for the "festival video gallery" to see the interviews with Debbie Reynolds (HTWWW) and Angie Dickinson (Rio Bravo).

    Here is the link to sign up with TCM so you'll get all their e-mail newsletters and announcements about the festival and other TCM information:…r?url=

    TCM is OUR FRIEND. They love John Wayne! They were selling John Wayne bobble-head dolls at the festival boutique too. ;)

    Hello again, all, I was one of 800-plus lucky people who saw How the West Was Won at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on Sunday morning, as part of this year's TCM Classic Movie Festival. Not only that, but I think I had the best seat in the house! -- dead center, first row of the balcony. Anyway, as you can all imagine, HTWWW was an overwhelming experience, seeing it on that giant curved screen projected in the original Cinerama format. The print was beautiful and the extremely wide field of vision made for unbelievably spectacular vistas, especially during the amazing buffalo stampede. Sometimes the joins of the three pictures was very noticeable, sometimes not at all. I don't have to tell anyone here what a great and epic picture it is and my only beef is -- not enough John Wayne, of course. :)

    The sound was also spectacular in the Dome and what a thrill to hear that great score on that sound system.

    Debbie Reynolds was interviewed by TCM host before the movie and was quite the character. Actually I had seen her the day before interviewed by Osborne before a screening of Singin' in the Rain, and she is one very colorful (to put it mildly) lady -- she just says whatever she thinks, in very salty language too! The normally unflappable Osborne was at a loss for words. :) She was a little more restrained at HTWWW but she is decidedly a let it all hang out type, and tons of fun! We all loved her to bits. ;) And she was wonderful in both movies. ;)