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    They have an ad for this in the newest issue of True West magazine. The movie will be released on Sept. 9th and it's been restored and remastered from the original Cinerama 3 panel release. There will be 2 disc Special Edition, a 3 disc Collectors Edition and, the Blue Ray two disc Collectors Edition. The collector edtions will have both the Cinerama versions and widescreen letterbox versions, along with collector books, photos, lobby cards and on one of the discs, the acclaimed Cinerama Adventure documentary.

    Keith, which Wayne movies were filmed at Bents Old Fort, Custer State Park and, the Black Hills? I've been to all three places and I'm just curious. Actually, Custer State Park is part of the overall Black Hills.

    Concerning stuntman Bob Morgans injuries, if anyone wants to see what the results are, just watch the documentary about the making of The Alamo on the The Alamo DVD or the VHS Directors Cut. He appears on screen talking about the movie and his face is horribly disfigured. Those stunt guys are brave fellows indeed.

    One part of the movie I wished they'd have done differently is during the Civil War part. When in that cabin they bring in the body of Linus Rawlings to be treated and the doctor says he's dead, then right outside is his son Jeb, who knows nothing about it. I wish they had done it so Jeb found out right then, just by hearing that one soldier say to the doctor, "but, this is Linus Rawlings". Just would have liked to see him in a final moment with his father. I also read the book and it tied up a few loose ends. Like the fact that one of Jeb Rawlings uncles had become an outlaw. I don't remember if they touched on that in the movie but, in the book, Fondas character meets up with Jebs uncle and gang and they end up in a confrontation but, not after they both found their mutual connection.