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    I look forward to seeing this movie as I have heard nothing but praise for this film.
    Being a ex-jarhead these films hit home. :tank:

    ps I just hit my 600 post. thank God we don't have wright letters I would stiil be on my 6th.

    I could not sleep last night so I watched TCM till 5:30am.
    Another Thin Man.1939
    Shadow of the Thin Man1941
    The Thin Man go Home1944
    William Powell & myrna Loy
    one great team. fun movies.
    PS. This would also explain why I was not around for the morning chat I was catching ZZZZZ sorry.

    Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.
    Philip Seymour Huffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei and Albert Finney
    A embezzler plots with his brother to rob their parents jewelry store.
    Not a happy ending movie but well done for its type.


    Last night I watched PUBLIC ENEMIES with Johnny Deep.
    The story of John Dillinger.
    This is the best true to life film on Dillinger I had ever seen.
    very well done with many of the scenes shot at the actual locations.:thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    it's about two boys in Afganistan in 1978. it deals with friendship,loyalty,betrayal and redemption .half the movie is in sub-titles.
    may not be suitable for small children.but a very well made film.

    I could not agree more. this was the best Bond movie since Goldfinger. One mans opinion.

    TERROR ON A TRAIN. on tcm. the title caught my eye.(british 1953)
    with glenn ford: the terror is a bomb on a train with explosives on board. short film 77mins. not bad not great. PS. no passengers on the train.