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    Well my wife and I went to "Quatom of Solace" over the weekend.
    It was a good movie exceot for one major issue. The director must have watched the last 2 Bourne movies and thought the shaky camera was a good thing. I don't understand this new camera thing that these directors are employing at all. You have to wait till the end of the action to see who wins, and god forbide that you can see the action and understand how they get from point a to point b. That was the major issue thatI had with it. The other was just that at times it didn't feel like a "Bond" movie. I understand the reboot of the franchise but I like it to be familiar was well. Oh well, I am looking forward to the 3rd Craig film, I just hope they get a new director and use the traditional camera angles.

    I watched "Without Reservations". I have had the movie for awhile and have scene bits nad pieces on tv but I finally watched the complete movie. Simple movie, simple plot. I would say it is simply forgettable as well but it has Duke in it, so I will say it was simply ok.

    The kids and I had a weekend without mom, so we watched mindless movies that kids like and dad's appreciate once in awhile. We watched "Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D" with Brendan Fraser, "Scorpion King 2, and my son was beside himself to watch it, so we rented "Indy 4".

    My wife and I watched "Made of Honor" with Patrick Dempsey, total chick flick but not a bad movie to see once. We also watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", from the guys that made "40 Year Old Virgin, it was pretty funny. Also starred Mila Kunis from "That 70's Show".

    So, what you are saying is, you didn't like the movie?? I am not sure that's why I am asking...........:wink_smile:

    I started watching a movie called "Red Belt". I was pleasantly surprised. It is a martial arts movie but it is not all martial arts. Tim Allen is in it along with a bunch of other actors you might recognize. There is some bad language but even my wife was kind if surprised at how well the story was written.

    I watched The Bank Job also not too long ago, SXViper. I really like Jason Statham. Have you ever seen him in Snatch with Brad Pitt? That was one good movie. I think the only Stathum movie I didn't like was IN The Name of the King. Not my type of film.


    I like him as well, my wife and I first saw him in ""The Transporter" movie. It was a fun, action movie. since then we try to watch whatever film he is in. I have not had a chance to see the "In the Name of the King" yet. I doubt that I will as it was not very well received by the critic's or fan's. His new movie is "Death Race", which I have very mixed feelings about.

    Have you seen "The Italian Job" remake? He is in that movie as well. Plus Charlize Theron is not to hard to look at!!!

    The Bank Job with Jason Statham. That was a good movie.

    Also watched the new Hannah Montana musical concert in 3D Blu-Ray high def. That was actually quit good in 3D, lots of things to see.

    Well, since I had time to kill in Atlanta I have been to the movie theater's. I watched Hell Boy 2 and Wanted. I enjoyed both. Wanted was alittle more gruesome then I expected but good story. Hell Boy 2 was more funny then the first one and alot more fun.

    We, our family, watched "The Water Horse" last night. Good kids movie and fun for the famliy as well.

    Also, earlier in the day my son and I went to the new Mummy movie. If you liked the others with Brendan Fraser, you will like this one as well.