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    Watched "The Quiet Man". Great movie but after watching the DVD it becomes even more apparent that someone needs to restore the movie as the transfer on the Lionsgate version that I have is not that god at all.

    I started watching my Criterion version of Seven Samurai. I finished disc 1 and will hopefully get through disc 2 tonight. If you have not watched this movie before, it is actually quite good even with the subtitles.

    I watched "The Mist" last night. I was kind of a Stephen King nut growingup, not so much anymore. This was one of his last novella that I read so I wanted to see it. Pretty good movie and true to the book.

    Watched Galdiator last night or should I say, started watching it. Will finish it tonight I hope. Its become a all time favorite, not for the fighting and blood, though I do enjoy the fighting, its more for the story and the acting from Crowe.

    Watched "The 13th Warrior" with Antonio Banderas last night. Kind of a Beowulf story "knockoff" but I always enjoyed the movie.

    Also, over the weekend the family and I continued the "Planet Earth" DVD series and also watched "Enchanted". Very good movie and the Planet Earth DVD's are amazing.

    Watched "Shoot 'Em Up" with Clive Owen. Way over the top and very graphic violence/sexuality. Was it good, umm, yes/no. I think with a few less shots of blood and sexual scenes, it could have been a good film.

    I saw him in 8MM and wasn't swayed either way, but when I saw him in Gladiator the first time...I didn't like him. His part was creepy. After seeing the movie a few more times (I like it), I understood the roll better and then appreciated how he played it. Signs was a good roll for him and I like him better each time I see him. Walk the Line was great. So, I now look foward to seeing him. The emotions he is feeling show without him having to speak. I like that in an actor.


    I agree, Joaquin should have won the Oscar for his role as Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line". I have a autographed photo of him in the movie during the Folsom Prison scene, sits down in our home theater room in the basement.

    3000 miles to Graceland. Quite a violent Elvis movie LOL. Actually it is a heist movie with Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner. Loved the ending for Costner!!!


    Come on!!!! :teeth_smile: :teeth_smile: Give him a break!!!! :wink:

    I watched "In Harm's Way" while I was away. As well as many other movie's. Eastern Promises, Casino Royale(2006 version), Blade Runner(HD DVD special ed.), Indy 3(Last Crusade), and The Dirty Dozen.