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    After everyone went to bed I watched my HD DVD version of "Blade Runner". Let me tell you the picture is nothing short of amazing. It is kind of a quirky film but I love Harrison Ford. And I grew up a fan of the movie as a child of the 80's.

    Watched Mr. Brooks last night. For well acted by Costner and William Hurt. Very suspenseful. Due to the nature of the film I will not be watching it again though. With what happened to my wife's cousin last April it hits alittle close to home as the authorities have yet to find a suspect in the case.

    Actually, that Blu-Ray player was one of the selling points for our older son, and one of the first things he did after getting it in the house was to run to the video store and rent the Blu-ray version of El Dorado . . . and we do have the right TV to take full advantage of it :hyper:. The picture was incredible. We could CLEARLY see Duke's Red River D belt buckle in all its glory - it was amazing! Looks just like one that's on ebay right now.

    And thanks for your very generous offer to take that PS3 off our hands . . . we'll have to talk to our two sons (who purchased it with their hard earned money) and see what they think of the idea :vomit:.

    Chester :newyear:

    I just picked up a HD DVD player for $100 bucks about a month ago. Not sure who will win the format war but if Blu-Ray wins I did'nt spend alot of money on the HD DVD player so I won't feel bad if I have to go buy a Blu-Ray player.

    It is fun watching Duke in HD, currently I they have Rio Bravo, The Searchers, and The Cowboys in high def, Blu Ray and HD DVD. I didn't know they had El Dorado out as well.

    Let me know if he wants to trade game consoles!!! hehehehe!!

    What Christmas season would be complete without at least one viewing of "A Charlie Brown Christmas? We fired up the ol' Playstation 3 (our DVD player died recently) and watched it. The Mrs. realized she was the same age as our youngest when she first saw it, back in '65. I was halfway through my senior in high school :wink_smile:.

    Chester :newyear:

    You got a PS3? You do know that has a Blu-Ray player on it right? If you have a high def TV you could be watching movies in high def. And they just came out with a firmware update for the PS3's that allow pip and other usability enhancements.

    If you want I can send you our XBOX(old) and you can send me your PS3 if you don't have a hd tv, hehehe!!! J/K!!!!

    Watched "The Bourne Ultimatum". It was much better at home. I have a 50 inch plasma so it is not a "small" screen but watching that movie in the theater was unbearable with how they kept moving the camera. My wife and I both got very dizzy and my wife even had to leave because she was getting motion sickness so bad at the theater. But at home it was good to go, still lots of camera movement but no sickness.

    Its a good story and great action.

    Watched Pirates 3 tonight. Man, that was a long movie. Lots of stuff going on. Finally made sense at the end though. I thought it was alright, I will have to watch it again to give a better review of it.

    Sorry to hear you didn't like Christmas Vacation. I guess I can relate to alot of those things that he went through in that movie so its nice to laugh at them.

    Have you watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for a holiday movie? My wife likes that one more the Christmas Vacation.

    Watched Blood Diamond on my HD-DVD player. I was very reluctanct to watch this movie as I am not a huge DiCaprio fan, I liked him in "The Man in the Iron Mask" and that was about it. but Blood Diamond was very good and thought provoking.

    Also to lighten things up I watched "National Lampoons Animal House" afterwards. That's always a good one for laughs.

    Watched Shrek the Third with with my daughter last night. Not bad, but not as good as the last two. Like any other sequels, they tend to get watered down as they get to the third and forth installments. But, still worth a laugh or twelve.

    The funny part is, while I enjoy seeing these animated and computer generated movies being put out now, I always made my kids think I was only watching them to make the kiddies happy. But I only got one kid left in the house now...once she's gone, I'll not have excuses to watch these. I guess I'll either have to fess up to them that I enjoy them, or become a closet watcher. :wink_smile:


    Then you can have a "Coming out of the closet" party sometime in the future!!! :teeth_smile: :wink_smile:

    "Lord of the Rings/The Return of the King" - I can't imagine how Peter Jackson managed to keep all the elements intact on the whole trilogy. And this took over two years to make. This is magnificent escapist material!
    Cheers - Jay:beer:

    You are correct on that Jay. It is a magnificent trilogy and he should have gotten a 3 Oscars instead of the one.

    Big kids love these things too!

    Is it any good? Is the JW voice over a big part? How about doing a review for those of us who have not seen it yet please?

    Last one I watched was Flintstones movie - great casting and clever effects. Used to watch the cartoon version when I was a real kid and I was surprised how close to the cartoons the film was.

    Hi Elly,

    Transformers is not going to make you think while you are watching it. It is pure entertainment/eye candy. I would say it is cheesy, loud, over the top and I loved it. I think what's most appealing is that it doesn't try to take itself seriously. John Wayne's voice is his and it is a quick little line that comes from a car radio, I don't want to say anymore in case it might ruin some of the show for someone.