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    "The Dark Tower"
    -Idris Elba

    Plot: IMDB
    Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last Gunslinger, is locked in an eternal battle with Walter O'Dim (Matthew McConaughey), also known as the Man in Black. The Gunslinger must prevent the Man in Black from toppling the Dark Tower, the key that holds the universe together. With the fate of worlds at stake, two men collide in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

    Phantom's Review:
    If your a Stephen King fan, a "Purist" of his work, then I highly recommend that you skip this film, save yourself the headache. If you have never read the books or your the type of fan who just accepts the fact that Hollywood will rarely ever do King right, then maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of this short (95 minutes) , somewhat standard Hollywood film. For me, the film was a disappointment. I enjoyed 'The Dark Tower' novels and was looking forward to seeing them on the big screen, but this is definitely not was I was hoping for. The filmmakers took bits and pieces from a massive 8 volume series, threw most of the books away and put together this hodge podge sci-fi western. Idris Elba does his best as 'Roland, The Last Gunslinger' but he doesn't have a whole lot to work with. Mathew McConaughey fares slightly better as the villain 'Walter, The Man In Black' , but again there is just not a whole lot to work from. Overall, a huge disappointment.

    'Mr. Holmes' (2015)
    -Ian McKellen

    Plot: IMDB
    The story is set in 1947, following a long-retired Holmes living in a Sussex village with his housekeeper and rising detective son. But then he finds himself haunted by an unsolved 30-year old case. Holmes memory isn't what it used to be, so he only remembers fragments of the case: a confrontation with an angry husband, a secret bond with his beautiful but unstable wife.

    Phantom's Review:
    If your a fan of big budget,action packed special FX blockbusters, then do yourself a favor and don't watch this. If you like, smaller, brilliantly acted dramas, an intriguing mystery and good story, then settle in and watch 'Mr. Holmes'.
    Ian McKellen is marvelous as the aged Sherlock Holmes living out his twilight years in the English countryside. The film deals with many concepts. What it's like to old,memories fading, regrets and how one deals with loss as you get older. The film also has an interesting mystery at it's core, that is told in flashbacks. In fact, there several flashbacks that tell different points in the story. This is a character piece and it's told at it's own speed. I enjoyed this film tremendously and I am a life long Holmes fan. If you are too, then watch it. you'll enjoy it.

    "Turbo Kid" (2015)
    Plot: IMDB
    In a post-apocalyptic future, THE KID, a young solitary scavenger obsessed with comic books must face his fears and become a reluctant hero when he meets a mysterious girl named APPLE. Despite their efforts to keep to themselves, ZEUS, the sadistic and self-proclaimed leader of the Wasteland, plagues THE KID and APPLE. Armed with little more than blind faith and an ancient turbocharged weapon, THE KID learns of justice and friendship and embarks on an incredible journey to rid the Wasteland of evil and save the girl of his dreams.

    Phantom's Review:
    There are some movie's that are bad, but fun and there are some movies that are just plain bad..and then there's "Turbo Kid" . A film that is absolutely amazing in it's awfulness. It's the kind of film, that after it's over. you get up and open a window to let the stink out. Bad on every level, but not even funny bad, just BAD. A waste of time.

    "Iron Sky" (2012)
    Plot: IMDB
    In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers.

    Phantom's Review: This has got to be one of the most ridiculous movies ever made, yet it's surprisingly entertaining.. some good acting, decent FX ,plenty of humor and some sexy girls. It's a real "Leave Your Brain At The Door' movie, but it's plenty of fun.

    "Ant-Man" (2015)
    -Paul Rudd, Micheal Douglas, Evangeline Lilly
    Plot: IMDB
    Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang must embrace his inner hero and help his mentor, Dr. Hank Pym, plan and pull off a heist that will save the world.

    Phantom's Review: In all the years that i have collected comics ( almost 50) I have never really paid much attention to "Ant-Man'. I knew he was around, had seen him in crossovers with comics i did collect, but he just never did much for me, so I went into the movie with just a basic knowledge of him and with just this, I have to say I enjoyed the movie much. I liked how it was very firmly centered in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but had a very different tone and feel than say 'The Avengers' or 'Captain America'. The plot is a bit similar to the first 'Iron Man' but not enough to distract from the story. Good special FX, good acting and plenty of humor. I had a great time . Can't wait for his next appearance.

    'Frogs' (1972)
    -Sam Elliot, Ray Milliand, Joan Van Ark

    Plot: IMDB
    Jason Crockett is an aging, grumpy, physically disabled millionaire who invites his family to his island estate for his birthday celebration. Pickett Smith is a free-lance photographer who is doing a pollution layout for an ecology magazine. Jason Crockett hates nature, poisoning anything that crawls on his property. On the night of his birthday the frogs and other members of nature begin to pay Crockett back.

    Phantom's Review: One of many "Nature Strikes Back" films that came out in the '70's. The acting is quite good, considering what the plot is and what the actors had to work with. The film is wonderfully shot, but ultimately it's just a schlocky, low budget horror film that isn't the least bit scary. The film can be entertaining if your in the right frame of mind or just want to revisit the glory days of the '70's.

    'The Smiling Ghost' (1941)
    -Wayne Morris

    Plot: IMDB
    Elinor Bentley Fairchild's previous three grooms-to-be have either died or been maimed. Her aunt hires Lucky Downing to become engaged to her for a month to break the curse. But Lucky becomes a target of what appears to be the ghost of one of the former fiances.
    Phantom's Review: Goofy, but entertaining "Old Dark House" style mystery/comedy.
    Plenty of slapstick humor,some nice atmospheric scenes, and a couple of decent attempts at actual scares. The plots not very original, but the acting is fine and it moves at a brisk pace. Not a classic, but I enjoyed it.

    'Mystery Street' (1950)
    -Ricardo Montalban, Marshall Thompsan, Elsa Lancaster

    Plot: IMDB
    Vivian, a B-girl working at "The Grass Skirt," is being brushed off by her rich, married boyfriend. To confront him, she hijacks drunken customer Henry Shanway and his car from Boston to Cape Cod, where she strands Henry...and is never seen again. Months later, a skeleton is found (sans clothes or clues) on a lonely Cape Cod beach. Using the macabre expertise of Harvard forensic specialist Dr. McAdoo, Lt. Pete Morales must work back from bones to the victim's identity, history, and killer. Will he succeed in time to save an innocent suspect?

    Phantom's Review: Solid , well made "Noir" murder mystery. One of the first films to use Forensic science as a tool to solve the crime. (Fans of CSI might enjoy it) Montalban is terrific as the young detective assigned to solve a murder. Elsa Lancaster is also great as a scheming landlady out to blackmail the murderer. If you enjoy classic murder mystery's, you should enjoy this film.

    'Mad Max: Fury Road' (2015)
    -Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron

    Plot? What plot? Who needs a plot.

    Phantom's Review: Absolutely INSANE! The most intense, ball breaking, ass kicking action film I think I have ever seen. The plot is virtually non existent, but who cares! The acting is good, the lines of dialog (what little there is) aren't laughable and the film delivers exactly what it promises, two solid hours of non stop action. Loved it.

    'Mystery At The Wax Museum" (1933)
    -Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray

    Plot: IMDB
    In London, sculptor Ivan Igor struggles in vain to prevent his partner Worth from burning his wax museum...and his 'children.' Years later, Igor starts a new museum in New York, but his maimed hands confine him to directing lesser artists. People begin disappearing (including a corpse from the morgue); Igor takes a sinister interest in Charlotte Duncan, fiancée of his assistant Ralph, but arouses the suspicions of Charlotte's roommate, wisecracking reporter Florence.

    Phantoms Review: Fun, but minor horror classic. One of the few times , that the Remake (House Of Wax with Vincent Price) was better. (in my opinion), But this is still an enjoyable film. Lionel Atwill is wonderfully mad, Fay Wray is as gorgeous as ever and actress Glenda Farrell is a blast as the tough talking female reporter trying to break a big story. Snappy 1930's dialogue, gothic atmosphere and an entertaining story.

    Dr.Syn, Alias The Scarecrow (The Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh)
    -Patrick McGoohan
    In eighteenth century England, the mysterious masked rider known only as The Scarecrow, leads a band of rebels against the Kings oppression and Navel press gangs,
    Phantoms Review; One of my all time favorite films. Plenty of swashbuckling action, thrills, humor and drama.
    The writing, acting, cinematography and direction are top notch.
    Patrick McGoohan and the entire cast are superb. Simply put, this is a great movie.

    "The Black Swan" (1942)
    -Tyrone Power, Maureen O'Hara

    Plot: IMDB
    Soon after Sir Henry Morgan is named Governor of Jamaica in 1674, he announces that the age of the pirate is over and asks his former captains to give up their ways and sail for England. Not everyone agrees and one in particular, Captain Leech, refuses. He does accept an offer however from English aristocrat Roger Ingram who provides him with sailing information in an attempt to unseat the newly appointed Governor. In an effort to thwart Ingram's plans, former pirate Captain Jamie Waring kidnaps Lady Margaret Denby, the previous Governor's daughter.

    Phantom's Review: This early 40's Technicolor film is one of the all time great swashbuckling pirate adventures. Filled with spectacular fight scenes( both sword fighting and ship battles) excellent model FX, wonderful acting and a gorgeous leading lady.
    Tyrone Power is at his best
    A classic .

    "Army Of Darkness" (1993)
    -Bruce Campbell

    Plot: IMDB
    A man is accidentally transported to 1300 A.D., where he must battle an army of the dead and retrieve the Necronomicon

    Phantom's Review:Third film in the "Evil Dead" franchise and Probably my favorite horror comedy(Along with "Ghostbusters and "Young Frankenstein"). Goofy as hell, but with a few good BOO! scenes. Bruce Campbell is perfect as the arrogant, but clues less Ash.Fun, cheesy special FX and a good story. This film is a blast if you can put your tongue firmly in cheek.

    The Expendables 2" (2012)
    -Stallone,Schwarzenegger,Norris,Statham,Van Damme,Willis

    Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat.

    Phantom's Review: Ultra violent,mindless,gory and almost totally plotless.....I LOVED IT!
    Let's face it, you don't see an "Expendables" movie for it's scintillating dialogue and award winning acting, you wanna see them blow shit up! And that's what you get.
    This movie delivers exactly what it promises. ACTION! and plenty of self deprecating humor. A complete and total popcorn movie.
    A total blast.