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    The man who would be king.
    They don't make films like that anymore! Kipling story, John Huston directing with Sean Connery and Michael Caine starring at the height of their fame. A quality affair

    Wow that was quick! It only came out a few days ago!!
    I've learnt my lesson with Twilight Time and ordered my copy early, I've missed out on a few and the prices they sell for now are ludicrous!
    I hope my copy makes its way across the pond quickly!
    I love the Flint films wish they'd made more than 2.

    I watched The Lost Weekend starring Ray Milland as an alcoholic writer.
    Billy Wilder was a genius, to turn in an Oscar-winning film so stark and nihilistic as The Lost Weekend and some of the greatest comedies of all time is no mean feat!

    Oh, movies YOU need to see like: The Scarlet Coat, The Wild Geese yadda yadda yadda. :lol::lol:

    Have you seen Wild Geese on blu ray yet Carl?
    It's not brilliant quality all the way through but a big step up from the somewhat poor DVD. Also stars a Duke Pal in the Saddle in Hardy Kruger which keeps the Duke link in there!

    Agreed on all counts... but that doesn't stop me loving it! Some films I enjoy regardless of their shortcomings. :wink_smile:

    I always felt this should have been so much better. It, for me, was standard by-the-numbers Eastwood film, overacted and mis-cast. Ok as a basic actioner, but a lost opportunity.

    I have to agree in some parts with what you've said but there is something about it I love.
    For me it's the era, Sondra Locke, it's directed by Clint himself and he was in full flow having just directed Josey Wales.

    Harryhausen's "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" last night with six and three year old grand kids. After balking a bit at my selection, they both settled in wide-eyed and couldn't help but pepper us with questions about what would happen next.
    They were so absorbed in the film that they didn't realize it was over until the good guys sailed into the sunset.
    Great to share an experience like that. Never mind Transformers, Batman, Avengers, Hulk and CGI.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Good on you Gorch!

    The reality is a good yarn is a good yarn. There's a reason these stories have endured for so, so long!

    Vanishing Point-Barry Newman as Kowalski and the white '70 Challenger. Never realized it was NOT the Challenger that crashed at the end, but a '67 Camaro (painted to look like the Challenger)! All-time great car chase film.

    I LOVE this film! A solid gold cult classic!